40x40 round tubs - comfort level?

Jen526August 21, 2013

My master bath (rough layout attached) has a small-ish single shower stall and a decent-sized tub (roughly 54 x 40) along one wall, and I've been pretty dissatisfied with the size of the shower, in particular. I've been trying to come up with a workable way to use the space to still have the option of an occasional soak in a jetted tub, but to have more room devoted to the shower that gets daily use.

Without doing drastic changes in plumbing location, my favorite idea so far is almost exactly this: http://www.houzz.com/photos/848992/Eugene-Steam-Shower-with-Japanese-Tub-contemporary-bathroom-other-metro

I'm perfectly happy with replacing tub length with more depth, but in some pictures, the Beverly and other 40x40 tubs look SO small. I'm fairly overweight, and concerned that trying to use one of these tubs will be laughable. The oval shape and width of my current 40"-ish wide tub is plenty big enough for me, but from pictures, I'm betting you lose some inner width due to the roundness?

My weight issues have me a little nervous to visit showrooms without doing some pre-investigation first (and I'm not sure I'll even be able to find a means to try it out in my area anyway). Does anyone have experience with this type of tub and can comment on the comfort/useability for larger folks?

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The other issue is that this tub is 32" deep. A kitchen table is 30" tall. So the rim of these tubs is very high and getting in and out is difficult. The bottom is also tiered, so there is a seat and a well for your feet to go into. The seat is about 24" below the rim, and is 13" wide.

Getting in and out of a tall tub, having to step onto one level and the step down into the other level to sit seems like it could be awkward. You would need to have grab bars all around.

I don't know how deep your current bathtub is, but a typical bathtub rim is 15" or under. I installed a Kohler Archer for a client, and it has a 19" rim and that seems high to step over.

The Beverly would need steps and I am not sure you have the room.

Kohler used to make a tub that was almost square, around 48" and they recently discontinued the Mayflower which was a corner tub that was roughly 48" on each wall but not very deep.

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I like this one better (more shallow)


Have you looked at any of the walk-in tubs, Kohler, American Standard? They have the door that opens on the side for entry, no climbing in and out. They may not be as beautiful but safer and could be helpful for aging in place. Our local Toto store has one to see in the showroom but it's jacuzzi or some other brand.

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>Kohler used to make a tub that was almost square, around 48"

That's the Greek, isn't it? Nycbluedevil has one and it's still available.

Pics in this thread.

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Thank you for the input, all.

>The Beverly would need steps and I am not sure you have the room.

The appeal for me of the inspiration-pic I was looking at was that combination bench that also serves as a step to access the tub? I'd count the space taken up for the bench as part of the 'bigger shower' aspect I was looking for, since I'd still have more elbow room in the open space above it, and I figured a grab bar next to that for stability stepping up, then using the seat as the step in on the other side would be workable...? My current tub height is 19" and is not an issue without a grab-bar, beyond testing the footing a bit more carefully before stepping in/out.

> Have you looked at any of the walk-in tubs, Kohler, American Standard?

I have, actually, but the starting prices on those are so much higher, I don't think I could take that big a hit out of my overall budget... and the shorter ones also seem to be much narrower, too, which leaves me back in the same boat.

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