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tickmanMarch 8, 2011

Running Neo 64 bit. Currently using ParetoLogic DriverCure to keep drivers updated. It has always seemed (to me) clunky and slow. Time to pony up more money for renewal and I'm wondering if there isn't something better. Free is great but if I have to pay I'd like to like the program more. Any suggestions?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

not sure if you realize it but Paretologic driver cure site is highly RED listed by WOT and many other malware detection sites. This is their WOT score card page you can read at the bottom the actual reasons for the ratings and there is a high number for containing malware, it has also been listed on malwarelist. Not a place I would be providing any credit card info or other sensitive info. I believe it has been at some time listed on spywarewarriors list of rogues.
They are also the providers of registry cleaners which are NOT recommended to use.

Just a heads up, if you do not have WOT on your browsers try adding it then do a google search for ParetoLogic DriverCure and see just how many RED WOT warnings are associated.

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If a currently installed driver is doing the job, is it really necessary to install a later one? I frankly don't think so as long as everything is working well. JMHO.

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I agree with grandms, I don't update drivers just because there is a newer version. If there is a benefit then yes I might do it.

If you are running Windows 7 on that 64 bit machine click Start, click Control panel, click Find and Fix Problems and no money changes hands courtesy of MS.

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When I cant, all by myself remotely, find a driver name on a pc .. Driver Genious works.

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My thanks to all who replied. RC, no I did not know Paretologic was notorious. Initially I was impressed with WOT until I saw how easily manipulated it was. Haven't run that for some time. owbist and grandms, maybe a bit of benign neglect will not hurt me. mikie, I will bookmark that site and check it out.

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