Looking for AJ Madison reviews, rants and/or raves...

firefangleJuly 17, 2014

I am thinking of buying a bunch of appliances from AJ Madison (after spending many hours looking for a local appliance store with a great reputation and the brands I am interested in) and am looking for any and all reviews, rants and/or raves about AJ Madison from you pros here...

PS Would especially like to know about delivery and service issues as well as any experience with their extended warranties.

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I have ordered from them in the past. They are a legitimate business but do try to play the "Brooklyn shyster" games. I ordered a WD set from them at a great price, then they called me to offer an extended warranty, when I said no they said they didn't think the dryer was in stock...when i told them to cancel the order then they called back after 2 hours and said they found a dryer etc... If you have the patience for this kind of nonsense then you will be okay.
Also, know that delivery is much less convenient than local appliance stores. Their trucks will only be in your area once a week so you have to work around their schedule instead of the other way around. Also, their installation services are very expensive, but you could easily hire local appliance installers for cheaper.

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Thank you very much, mpatel1080 - appreciate the feedback and will look out for the game-playing. BTW, I am in the market for a good number of appliances and the salesman I talked to on the phone offered to "work with me" on the prices so it seems there is flexibility if you are ordering more than one or two items...

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I ordered all the appliances (except micro & range vent) for our new build from AJ Madison. The transaction was smooth, painless, and saved us a good bit of money compared to local/regional suppliers.
I experienced no "shyster" behavior whatsoever; my sales contact (not sure if it's ok to name him here or not) was straightforward and reasonable, and didn't push the extendo warranties any harder than other appliance salespeople.
All of our equipment (rangetop, double wall ovens, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer & dryer) arrived on schedule and in perfect condition, not a ding on anything (we live in NC, fwiw).
Very satisfied, and I can recommend AJM without hesitation.

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Thanks so much, Bungalow14. What a great rave for AJ Madison! Am curious to know if you tried to get an extra money off the prices due to the size of your purchases. And did you get any of their extended warranties? Thanks again - I feel much better about ordering from them now!

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I rec'd a $500 discount offer and free delivery from the rep if I placed my order the day I called in. I'm sure this is S.O.P. (they are trained to lock you in as soon as you call), but $500 off of their already low prices AND free del'y was nice. Additionally, I rec'd $300 worth of Visa gift cards as rebates.
I did not purchase the extended warranties. AJM has a deal where you get 50% back after five years if you never use the warranty, which is actually a pretty good deal (show me another company that gives warranty money back?). I was tempted, but in the end I'm rolling the dice and hoping that these appliances remain trouble free as they have been so far.
Good luck to you!

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You are braver then me to buy from AJ Madison. I just found these reviews take a look. http://www.yelp.com/biz/aj-madison-appliance-showroom-brooklyn

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Thanks for the link, JRC1920. If I had read them first, and didn't know of people who have had good experiences, I would be as scared as you are. That said, I read all the reviews back to 2012 and there is major theme that emerges - check the delivery as soon as the item is delivered and do not install yourself. To be cautious, I am going to try them out with one delivery to start with (forgoing a break in the price I might get if I order lots at the same time), pay for the white glove delivery and installation, and see how it goes.
Thanks for the cautionary tale!

Will report back.

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There have been a lot of reviews here over the last couple of years with mixed results. You'll have good luck using Google to search the GW data base. Early in our remodel, I tried to work with AJM over the phone on something (can't recall what - faucet, I think) and found the salesman singularly unpleasant and impatient. I don't believe that's the norm. But it soured me and I never went back, other than to access measurements or manuals via their site. I like shopping local and looking someone in the eye.

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Thanks MizLizzie, I am close enough to Brooklyn that I think I am going to actually go in to see everything and deal in person with the sales staff. It's a bit of a drive but I imagine will be worth it in the end...that and springing for the white glove delivery and installation (or get them to pay for it since I am buying quite a bit!).

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Yes, I believe that would be well worth a drive. Hope you will report back. I think we would all be interested in hearing about your experience.

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I bought the microwave and vent hood for my new build from A.J. Madison. DD bought her refrigerator from them. I had a friend who bought all of her appliances for her kitchen re-do from them. None of us had any problems. I didn't get a hard sell for warranties or any shenanigans later. I would order from them again. Good luck to you!

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Thanks bbstx. I do think people are more likely to go on Yelp when they are unhappy than when they are happy and am glad you had a good experience with AJ Madison.

That said, two people in the last day have recommended ABT out of Chicago for appliances and they have a reputation for great customer service. BUT their extended warranties, which I am going to buy for our big ticket items, are from Squaretrade.com which I know nothing about so it looks like even MORE research will be required! Thanks again for your input...

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Kathy Harrington

Who did you end up ordering from and were you happy?

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Love AJ Madison. I bought a stove, a refrigerator and dishwasher from them and they delivered them to remote Northern Minnesota in 30 below weather. All good. I'll do it again, for sure, if I need something else.

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I recently ordered a garbage disposal from AJ Madison to test them out before I ordered my full set of kitchen appliances. After 3 weeks, I emailed them to learn order status. Their site says they will reply in I believe all the reviews from happy people, but my experience led me to order my appliances from my local dealer.

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We ordered all of our kitchen appliances through AJ Madison (we live in Virginia) and our salesman knocked off $$ on every item. I did shop around and You can't beat their low prices. We bought our counter depth fridge, microwave drawer, dishwasher, capital 48inch dual oven fuel, franke farm sink. We also ordered all of our faucets. Everything was shipped for free and the delivery was also free. (Some of our items were shipped and the appliances were delivered via 5 men with a huge delivery truck)! We did have a dent in the Broan hood, sent it back andAJ Madison shipped a replacement the next day.

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