Electrolux range -- IQ Touch or WaveTouch?

yeboJuly 1, 2009

OK - the IQ touch shows all the options and the wave touch disappears all but the chosen option.

Never having had either, I don't know how to weight this.

And what about the little under-oven that comes with the wave touch -- and the meat probe?

What do you like/not like?


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I bought the Wave touch, but don't have it yet. They only had the Wave touch on display so I'm not sure what the differences are, but I liked the looks of the Wave Touch!
I was looking for a range with a 2nd oven, but thought the main oven was too low on some of them so like the lower drawer / oven. And I can't wait to try the "perfect turkey button"!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wave Touch features

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I bought the IQ touch, I wasn't willing to spend the extra $ just to make the display disappear.
I think you get all the racks being the easy slide as well, but you can replace the other two in the IQ, I didn't bother, I don't really like the easy slide, I find it slides too easily when you're trying to get something out.
The IQ comes with a warming drawer which I like, I had a warming oven in my last stove & used it quite a bit.
I've had this oven for about 6 months, nothing I don't like at this point (other than the rack being mildly annoying at times).

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