Ranges, ranges, & more ranges! Please help!

bicyclegirl1July 4, 2013

I have become over informed & am pulling my hair out now! I've past the point of making any good decision on a new range. However, I need to make one sooner than later, so I'd appreciate any feedback you wonderfully informed people out there can give me!

I have a very small kitchen & can only use a 30" range, no bigger. I love the look of the professional ranges, but I don't necessarily need all of those BTU's! I love to cook, mostly baking & roasting, but I'm the only one in the house & don't do tons. I love the look of the prof ranges & not sure I can go back to the look of a residential range after salivating over these other beauties! My budget is appx $3500 max. Either all gas or dual fuel would be fine. I can't go to induction because I like my pots & pans! I've considered Dacor & Bertazzoni. I can't find a 30" Elux, so that's out. Please help me w/ this huge decision. I don't want to spend this much $ & be sorry sooner than later...or even a little later!

Any feedback you can send my way will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much!

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Below is a link to American Range Performer Series ARROB430.

It is normally $3300.

Here it is $1999 plus $299 shipping.

It says it is "manufacture refurbished"

Which almost certainly means it was damaged during delivery, customer refused delivery, returned to factory.

These are too new to have actually have been used then refurbished.

Damaged part(s) was replaced but can't be sold as brand new.

Open burners.

Power burner is 25k btu while simmer is 12k btu

Nobody "needs" a 25k btu power burner but virtually everyone can get better and/or faster results with one.

Oven takes full size pro baking sheets.

Oven has Innovection Convection System utilizing dual convection motors .

Here is a link that might be useful: Performer Series LINK

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Thank you for this information deeageaux. I really haven't heard much on American Ranges, so just did more searching. Would you happen to know how much cfm is needed for this range? I live in an old house & am curious how easy they are to install? Am I going to have to do some major demo to install what's required for a range like this? I'm trying to keep my cost down as much as possible.

Again, thank you so much. I appreciate your help.

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One more thing deeageaux...are you familiar w/ this co. on ebay? They have tons of appliances & accessories for sale on their website. I'd like to know how reliable they are!

Are you familiar w/ a warranty co. I could buy a longer warranty? This one is only a yr long. These ranges seem very basic w/out a lot of fancy stuff on them to break, but would still like a little longer just to be safe. Especially buying refurbished.

OK, now just one more thing...really! Where did you see it new for $3300? I'm seeing it for $3699. If I don't end up feeling great about this place after calling them, I mite consider buying new.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful information.

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What do you mean you can't find a 30" Electrolux? There are 8 of them on AJ Madison right now, and all of them are under $3500. From what you say your tastes are it sounds like you might like the Icon Professional, which looks great and is $3199. Shipping is probably free, often is on higher-dollar purchases from AJ Madison.

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PS the eight 30" Eluxes I mentioned are gas ranges. If you look at dual-fuel, there are four 30" Electroluxes on AJ Madison and three of them are well below your $3500 budget.

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I installed a similar range in my 1957 house.

All I needed was a new pro style range/large demand appliance gas connector. About $35 at local plumbing supply store. Some Home Depot/Lowes carry them.

I have been on this site for two years and have never heard of a single person have problem with their new high powered range because it put such a load on the natural gas pipe feed that it required new larger pipes. If you have some crazy set up like heated pool,natural gas BBQ in the backyard, several natural gas powered fireplaces etc in theory you could need your gas lines to be re-piped. No actual person I know in real life or these forums have had that problem.

Ideally, you want a 600 cfm hood for this range to have all the burners and broiler on full blast and the hood venting properly. That is going to be less than 1% of your time in front of the range. I would also ask contractor or city hall if they have a limit for range hood cfm before you must install costly make up air. If the limit is something like 400 cfm I would do that. That is good enough for two burners going full blast and oven at 350. I could live with a slightly hot kitchen on that super rare occasion to have the performance of this range and avoid costly make up air.

All new ranges require the house electricity to be grounded for the simmer to work properly. If your house is really old and the electrical is not grounded you should do it for safety reasons, like preventing a house fire, Properly working simmer is just a bonus. Electricians in Los Angeles charge about $500-$800 to do that.

I never actually bought anything from 2good4sale. I have gone to their brick and mortar store in Chatsworth CA. I bid on a Subzero refrigerator and a Bluestar stove but did not win those auctions.

In any event these AR ranges are far superior to Electrolux ranges.

I never buy extended warranties for anything. Warranty companies have actuaries that price the warranty so they are almost certainly come out ahead, like gambling in Vegas. I only buy insurance when I simply can not self insure like House and Auto, and then I get piece of mind. I have money in my checking account to repair a gas stove or a refrigerator.

Below I found the range at Elite Appliances for $3100 with free shipping . I bought trim pieces for my built-in refrigerator and a wok grate for my range from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Bluestar 30" RNB ~$4300 plus.
Capital 30" Culinarian $4700 plus

Past $3500 max budget.

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You guys all rock w/ your wealth of information! I made a decision on my range...finally! Going w/ the American Range. One decision down. Next, I'm posting another 911 for fridge help!

deeageaux, you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge on AR. I found that AR makes a Cuisine Series that looks like it's more residential...looks the same, but BTU's aren't quite as high as the Performer Series. Do you know if this is the only difference? I live in such a small house that I worry the high BTU's will cook, not only my food, but me as well, in our hot TX summers! It's $3100, so it's in my price range. Do you know anything about that series? I haven't given up on the one on ebay yet, but want to know more about this model before purchasing.

By the way, that store has a 30" sub-zero, over & under built in, for $5200. The lady told me it had been in a showroom that's closing. I seriously considered it, but it's panel ready, so that's about another $1000 added on to put a panel on it, then I'd have to ship it for $400, add the installation fee...still a great price but that puts me way out of my fridge budget! So sad to see it go! :-(

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The Cuisine Series is a sealed burner range. The difference is more than just the btu. It is the evenness of the heat. The open burners of the PS will heat the pan evenly across the bottom of the pan. The CS will have a tendency to make the edges of the pan hotter.

You can always turn down the PS power burner down to 17k btu but you can't turn the CS power burner up to 25k btu, never mind the evenness issue.

You will only feel real heat when it is a hot summer day and you are grilling steaks for six people and you have a griddle over two 25k btu burners at full blast.

Any REAL Texan would grill those steaks OUTSIDE:)

In any event the temperature difference inside your kitchen would not be that great with your 17k btu CS burners at full blast.

Again you can always turn down your PS burners to the same as CS. You can't do the reverse.

You can get homestyle and restaurant type results with your PS. With the CS you only get homestyle results. I strongly urge you to go with PS.

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OK deeageaux, you sold me! Thank you for your honest opinion & great advice. No doubt about it, I grill all steaks outside on the the good 'ole Weber - charcoal only! Honestly, most of my summer cooking is done outside - proteins, veggies, fruits, pizza, all great! Thanks again for all of your advice & feedback.

I just posted a 911 for refrigerator help! If you have as much knowledge on those like you do ranges, give me a shout!

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