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PurplemoonDecember 8, 2012

The barrister's bookcase in my back hall has most of my Mikasa Holiday Elegance figurines in it. Last year, one of you gals had the neatest material behind your was dark blue with sparkly gold stars. I went online to track down a yard and use this year for mine. I love it.

marble-top sideboard in entry way with the purple ornament wreath I made a few years ago...
and my lavender Santa and Nutcracker. The big mercury glass deer was a find at Michael's two years ago.

I did a gold arrangement in my iron wall basket, and put it in the entry way for Christmas.

Sofa table in living-room. The tin sleigh was found in an antique shop a dozen years ago, and I usually
keep this gold arrangement in it. Tho I should do something different one of these Christmases'.

Just a small vignette on my late grandmother's marble-top table in my living-room.

This big marble-top console or sofa table, also in my living-room, has most of my Breyer Christmas
Horses on it.

close-up of the Antique Shop and the Golf Shop, on the little table in the family-room

And my living-room fireplace.

hugs, Karen

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Love, love, love the nutcracker fireplace decor!!!!

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Marlene Kindred

WOW! LOVE the mantel and the sofa table arrangement! SO pretty Karen~

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So many pretty things. I'm glad you shared your decorations here.

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love it all although I am very partial to the gold decor esp that wire container and the gold and green and berries. Also LOVE the nutcrackers and the fireplace. As always Karen your decor is beautiful .....


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I love that starry fabric behind your nativity set ...wasn't that lynnenc that used that in her faux fireplace or something? I remember it being 'beautiful' whoever did that!, love the mercury glass deer w/purples! (& I am always in awe of that entry way sideboard (or whatever it is called) that you decorate so beautifully!

Your arrangements are always so pretty, PM ... love that new gold one in the iron wall basket! & I am so happy to see those Breyer Christmas horses...that display is so're the only person I know that displays those & they are so colorful ...a whimsical look at Christmas!

Wow! The nutcracker 'special' ...your fireplace in the LR! This just shouts, 'Merry Christmas' ...the rockin' horse nutcrackers...the glass spires...lights & poinsettas! Gorgeous!

Also an enjoying the smaller vignettes of the 'villages' ...everything is lookin' so good for the Holidays ahead! Merry Christmas, purplemoon! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I love your mercury glass reindeer. My husband drove me around for a 100 mile radius to all the michaels the first year you posted the reindeer. I was never able to find one so I do have a deep envy. I have a large reindeer collection and he would have joined in great. Thanks for showing him in your pictures again.

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OMG I thought that I was the only little girl that collected breyer horses.
Right now I have a huge box full of all my breyer horses that I collected when I was a little girl(loved playing with them, I was horse crazy back then). DH keeps threatening me that he is going to throw them out one day. I Kept thinking I would one day have a little girl and she would love to play with them, but I had all boys. Now I tell DH maybe one day I'll have a granddaughter that will love to play with them. So they are still waiting patiently in the box.
What wonderful memories they bring back.

Everything looks great.

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mamerjj, I am so sorry you could find one of those big mercury reindeers. I know they went FAST here. Especially as folks could use the 40% off on them. The original price was $40, so great savings. I grabbed one for my daughter and myself. I love reindeer too, and especially this big guy. I am always looking for large ones, with little luck!

Jeanne, I think it was our Jane that had the fabric.

Deco, I am as horse crazy as they come, tho haven't had a real one in almost 30 yrs. As a child I had every Breyer that came out, then stupidly gave them away when I was around 19. Those old ones can be worth a lot now!!! Check eBay sometime and look them up, tho the economy has hurt sales this year. I started collecting the Christmas Breyers a few years ago, and some other models that I simply couldn't resist. I love anything to do with horses. and started soon as I learned to walk and sat on a pony, and I so wish I could have a horse now but not possible.

Thank you, Gang. I always love sharing my decor with you, and you always make me feel so good. I just realized I didn't get a photo of the bay window! Tho not that happy with it this year. ;o(

hugs, Karen

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You did way more than me, this s a lean year for me with leg pain. I did good all summer but its acting up with the colder weather.

Always love your fireplace & especially love your large marble console with your horses. It really showcases them. Everything else is so pretty too.

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Absolutely beautiiful!

So glad you are showing us your different areas and what all you have done this year!! You have really created some gorgeous scenes. I love the fabric background for your nativity! I have a 2 section barristers bookcase, but no place to put it so it is in the basement, : (

Surprise, NOT, I have that same golf shop building, LOL

Love, love, the large wreath and mercury glass deer.
You have been a busy girl and so glad you are sharing your wonderful decor with us.


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Karen, I'm so glad you felt up to decorating this year.
I can't pick a favorite. Everything looks wonderful.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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It all looks beautiful, you did a great job. Can't pick a favorite, but your horses and nutcrackers always make me smile. ;o) Luvs

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