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vala55March 16, 2011

For people who want to save on ink cost maybe this can help. I went to buy a replacement color cartridge for my HP printer and found it was $40. WOW! I will not pay that. Several people told me I can't print without it, I replaced my last printer because it wouldn't print without the color cartridge. I tried gray scale and that didn't work. Finally one clerk told me I can, I just have to find the option. So I kept looking and found the little down arrow under the gray scale option. When I clicked on it, there was an option for black and white only. Worked.

I read that the manufacturers hide options that they think we shouldn't mess with. In this case I think HP wanted that $40.. LOL

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vala, what is your printer model number, and WHERE did you find that option, I have looked under gray scale, and found zip. Would be interesting to know the gory details?

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Those cartridges can be expensive, but if you have access to Costco, Walgreens, etc., you can get refilled cartridges for about 1/3 of new.

Also, I don't really think manufacturer's hide menu options to increase revenue. Modern printers have many, many options...the more common options are readily accessible and the less-used ones are in sub-menus.

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I read it on the Internet so it must be true.

Hidden options and files are nothing new. They have been there for years. They are hidden for one reason only, to keep users who think they are more aware than they really are away from them.


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I was joking about the revenue, well half joking.

My HP model is Deskjet f4480. If it is not there keep looking. There is an option for normal, fast draft and best, look in places like that.

Office Max also refills, but I was told by a customer he had two refilled and neither worked. Max also had their own Hp refills which were only $2 cheaper so not worth trying them. I don't print photos or anything that requires colors. Mostly I print computer hints, instructions, etc..

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Have you tried the 'help' menu?

I've got a HP 5740. In the help menu there is 'Ink backup Mode' which states:

Use the ink-backup mode to operate the printer with only one print cartridge. The ink-backup mode is initiated when a print cartridge is removed from the print cartridge cradle.

Printing in ink-backup mode slows the printer and affects the quality of printouts.

Black print cartridge: Colors print as grayscale.
Tri-color print cartridge: Colors print but black is grayed and is not a true black.
Photo print cartridge: Colors print as grayscale.
I chose preferences > color > color-options > grayscale > black only, but left the dried up color cartridge installed: prints like a striped uh ape uh well fast anyway. :-)

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Sometime ago I read, and it was confirmed here, that on a generic page printer black is actually a blend of the tri-color not the black cartridge. The black cartridge is used only for greyscale, and dedicated B&W printing.

From suggestion readings, and I have found this to be accurate, the best and easiest way to reduce ink usage as to the Internet is grayscale whenever possible, and target only the area to be printed using any method of choice. To print the entire contents of a page, particularly in color, is absolutely wasteful.


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Gray scale does not work for me. There is what looks like a pink rub all over the bottom half of the printing material.

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If you get a refill cartridge at Costco and it doesn't perform, the worst that will happen is that you can get a refund.

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I haven't had any success making my Epson (CX4800) print in B+W so I am grateful to a friend who suggested:

Their prices are great and they always have "specials" available where you can get their best prices. I used to buy in large quantities because I didn't know how long the "sale" would last, but I now know they run specials constantly.


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Mudlady, Office Max has cartridges like that but they are the small size that comes with your new computer. They only print about 140 sheets. The ones on that sight and at Office Max run only $2 or $3. less than HP, so I had rather buy HP. The size I buy is XL and they print 440 sheets, more for your money even though it costs $40.

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