New bathroom - need layout help

mrstackingkitAugust 10, 2012

Hey everyone,

We're turning a kitchen/eat in area into a kitchen and bathroom and starting from scratch with them both.

Can anyone help with layout ideas for the bathroom? It's basically a rectangle with a large window - 116" x 77.5". There's about 17.5" of wall on either side of the window. Alternatively, we could try to take some space from the kitchen area (example below).

Few considerations:

- we want to add a stackable washer/dryer to the room

- would prefer not to have the window in the shower but will deal if needed

- the toilet needs to sit somewhere on the south wall because the pipe exists there already (save costs)

- we could put in a pocket door to save space

Attached are some ideas... would appreciate your insight! Thanks in advance.

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I'm not clear on how the two rooms relate to each other based on these diagrams. Can you post one that shows the whole space and indicate where the bath should go, where the windows and doors are, and where the toilet should go? You picture it on two different walls so I am not sure where the existing pipes are.

I love these kinds of puzzles, but I have a terrible time making words and pictures match up sometimes. I'd hate to post things that are completely not helpful.

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Here's a crude drawing of the entire space. I've made dotted lines for what could be some space taken from the kitchen and then the toilet just needs to go along the south wall somewhere. Everything else can go where ever makes sense. Thanks for taking a look!

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Awesome! Thanks. I'll let it stew a bit and hopefully have some thoughts. I will warn you though, I have no expertise whatsoever in this, I just like to help. I always feel more ideas is better, might spark something interesting in someone that actually knows something :-)

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That's great, thank you!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm not a fan of looking into a bathroom from a kitchen so keep in mind what you'll be looking at when the door is open, which will probably be most of the time.

I would put the tub along the east wall under the window.
The vanity on the north wall centered on the doorway so you see it from the kitchen.
I would put the pot in the southwest corner so it's behind the door.

I'm not a fan of laundry sharing space with a bath, esp a full bath, but if you need it there, put it in the North west corner and think about what you can do to hide it when it's not in use.

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So these are what comes to mind initially.

Option A. Depends on window size and height of W/D, this option puts one stretch of countertop over the washer and dryer and wraps around for the vanity area. Can put shelves or cabinets next to the window and also at the end of the shower, with the opening facing the sink. Some people have even used spaces like that for a pull out like in a kitchen. Let's the light penetrate the room, and space above the W/D for folding. Can put a curtain or slotted doors in front of W/D to hide them if needed.

Option B. Stacked W/D behind bifold vented doors. Not sure a regular door would work, might need a pocket door with this one. Not sure what to do at the end of the tub by the window, probably a good place for shelves.

Option C. Stacked W/D behind vented bifold doors. Half height pony wall to block view of toilet, but still let light penetrate room. Sight lines from open door should be fine, would see bifold doors, pony wall, some vanity area. This one also has room for a towel hook next to the tub, one of my favorite parts of our bathroom remodel as it is so convenient.

Granted my ideas and reality don't always mix, but hopefully someone that knows what they are doing can weigh in or post some ideas. No time right now to draw pics of what each wall would look. Like, but if you like one or more options I can try to do that later in the weekend.

Good luck!

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Wow, thank you so much! These ideas are great. We especially loved #1 and hadn't even thought of a layout like that. We are going to do some thinking about it but it is definitely one of favourites.

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Hey williamsem,

It's been a while but I wanted to follow-up with some photos of the finished bathroom, inspired by one of your layouts. We're really happy with it. Thanks for the layout suggestion!

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Hi Rugby.michelle, thanks so much for posting back! I always wonder what becomes of the spaces people ask about here. I'm so excited that I posted something helpful to you.

I love your new bath! It looks so light and airy with all the white and the windows. Those sinks/faucets are wondful. You did a great job, the elements work so well together. Glad you are enjoying it!

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What a wonderful space. I love the floor, it really grounds the light airy feeling of the other elements. A great blending of funk and funk-tion :)

Oh what that means I don't know.

I love the modern clean lines with the rustic floor and washboard. Do you have kids? I bet they LOVE it!

Thanks for sharing.

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Awkward space. Window, door and stack all in the wrong place.

Here's a design that might work for you.

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It looks great! I'm glad you went with that layout. I think it also addressed the "what will I see from the kitchen" question well!

Great job!

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I love your new laundry/bath room! It is so light and airy with your windows and mirror, white fixtures, tile, cabinetry, and appliances. It feels much more like a laundry room than a bath room, which is a real plus with it being right off the kitchen. It looks like a nice place to fold clothes, with the window to look out and the radio to listen to. Great design Williamsem, and beautiful realization of his design, Rugby.michelle!

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