The Christmas Party

kathleen_liDecember 6, 2010

I have been busy for the last week preparing for our Christmas Party. Thought you might like to see it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Party

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What a wonderful party you had for all attending. To start, what sweet invitations. Your so clever. They must of read them as I seen alot of red and green clothing! M & M Santa Claus were so sweet. And a clown to entertain before they arrived. You think of everything.

I loved seeing all the goodies you made for the party. You really out did yourself for this. Such a variety of baked breads and wrapped all of them for take home gits.

The little choc men were darling. I'm sure I gained 5 lbs just thinking about you adding more to the already wonderful Kahlua soaked chocolate cake desserst.

The centerpieces are so pretty. How lucky that you could go out in the yard and use your own boughs. Will be waiting to see more pictures.


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What a lovely party! And what attention to detail--the breads, the choc. men, the floral baskets, all just great. Was this for just your family? Or was it for friends who live near you? How great that your sister was able to be there all the way from Texas! Looks like everyone had a great time. TFS


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No, Luvs, this is my oldest sister who lives here on L.I. There were 4 girls, I am the youngest.
Thanks, Luvs and Punk. Needless to say, I was very busy last week, and very TIRED today!
Family and some friends, Luvs and 24 little kids and 3 infants!

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Oh my, you must "crash" for a wk before starting anything else! (your white winter event)

Lovely cookie trays ...really like those with the star shape & polished like silver! All the breads & gifts you've prepared & wrapped...such unique gifts for how you displayed them in the red baskets.

The R&W tables are so pretty & look just so festive with the greenery & flowers in the centerpcs you made & the plaid bows. Candlelight & candy-cane edged table nametags even bring more cheer to the tables!

Christmas at it's best! Well-done!!! A gift of love to many, it sounds. TFS your beautiful Christmas party! Jeanne S.

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Kathleen what a Delightful Party!
You're a Gal After My Own Heart...with all the thoughtful details....from the cute invites to the wonderful goodies to take home and even the craft bags for the kiddies!
Besides the delicious desserts, and take home gifts..
did you cook all the food for this crowd too? That's quite an undertaking...I can understand your need to recoup.
When I do our Family Party...I provide all of the take home gifts/crafts/drinks, paper goods and appetizers , but everyone else brings a dish. I don't think I could handle cooking for everyone too. I'm so impressed with what you've done.
I love the fact that Santa & The 'Mrs' came too! Who could top that...Loved it all.


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Jane, when we had it in our home, sometimes for up to 90 total we did all the cooking. But this time I just did the desserts. I couldn't do it for that number anymore, too old! This is the place Giada DeLaurentis filmed one of her Behind the Bash shows.
It used to take me days to get all the dishes and silverware washed and put away, that little thing , a job, got in the way!
Jeanne, years ago after Christmas a craft store called Lee Wards sold the baskets that held all the ornaments. I think I paid 50 cents for those baskets. I did give them a perk up spray of Krylon for the party!
And thank you all for your kind words. It was a labor of love. Being sick for 6 weeks didn't help with the preps!

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What a great place to have your Party. Sure saves on
wear & tear on your home, especially with so many kids.
Last yr after everyone left, I found a huge red stain (probably wine) on one of my wing chairs, and DH found some breakage to his Christmas Village. That's just something you have to expect and just 'bite the bullet'. All in all, it's still worth getting all the family together.
I'm right along with you on not being able to do it all anymore due to age. That's why everyone shares in bringing the food now. My mom used to do it all for large crowds, right up to she just couldn't do it anymore. Towards the end, I remember her passed out on the sofa after everyone was gone, because of the toll on her body. We had to convince her to 'pass the torch'...that's when I started.


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Kathleen, looks like every one had a wonderful time. You must have worked day and night to get all baking done. The invitations are adorable. The tables are so pretty. I love that you gave them seasonal names. Not one detail was overlooked.

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Wow, and more wow! What a special party. Every little detail is special, but we wouldn't expect any less of you. I think the chocolate men are my favorite, I know how much time and effort it takes to do something like that.

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OMGosh was all I could do to get the past the first photo with the yummy bread. I love bread! But I drug my eyes, and growling stomach, on down to see all the party stuff. Then more fattening fotos of yours.
(I'm suddenly starving, thank goodness supper is just an hour away).

I can ALWAYS count on you to amaze me with your creative
goodies and tables. And to make me hungry no matter what time day or night. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Thank you, Ladies.
I made the 10 bows for the centerpieces while I was sick. At least that was done and ready to go! I love making bows! The wired ribbon makes it so easy!

The baking had to be done a few days before and some just one day before. I cut the greens a few days before and kept them in buckets in water on the porch.
You know even though you plan and try to get things done early, it is still down to the wire!
But , they did seem to enjoy it, so it was worth it!

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You know how much I've always liked your kitchen Christmas tree. Well, this is the first Christmas I've had a kitchen big enough to hold a tree. Thought I'd share the photo with you. I found the little Chef Elf at Michael's. I only have a garland of popcorn and cranberries on the tree. Perhaps I'll find a few kitchen-y ornaments on sale after the 25th. At first I thought, "I'll just get a few each year, until the tree is complete." Then it occurred to me that I must be NUTS! I'm 63. Just how old will I be when the dang thing is complete??!!
Anyway, I love my tree and my little guy. There is the cutest child's rolling pin in the Hallmark Store. Hope they still have a few left for the after Christmas sale so I can put one under the tree next year.
I'd have sent you an email of all of this instead of hijacking your post, but I'm always afraid your SPAM filter might filter me out.

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OA, I'm happy to see you posted this pic...inspired by kathleen! Oh, your kitchen is GORGEOUS & so pretty for the holidays! I LOVE your kitchen tree & the little elf is darling!...garlands are perfect for the tree! The above cupboard lights & cookie cutter hangings look great! TFS with all of us, too! Jeanne S.

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OA...since you're posting this...I hope this means you're feeling better.
First off...Love your kitchen, and it looks so festive the way you decorated it. Your tree looks so nice where you placed it, and it's just the right size. Love the look of the popcorn and cranberry garland on it. The little chef elf is adorable.
I was laughing over you thinking about your age, and how long it would take you to complete your tree. I'm right there with you on that thinking. Sometimes it gives me a 'jolt' thinking about it and I have to remind myself..'hey, I don't have ALL the time in the world left to do I used to[...kind of scary - lol


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First, I WANT that beautiful kitchen!! WOW. And its such a wonderful area to decorate for holidays with space above the cabinets. I'm being attacked and CONSUMED by the Green Monster!!

The Chef Elf is really cute. I just saw Michaels is advertising Christmas decor at 50% off.

You and Jane made me LOL on the age thing. I'm also 63 and
have to remind myself to do some mental adjustments.
As for your kitchen tree, I've seen cute decor on them using small cookie cutters! Plastic or metal, different colors, etc. Maybe you could try a few of them, while you're "waiting" to shop. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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