Prayers Going Out To You In New York

phonegirlDecember 26, 2010

Hope all of you are safe in your homes and staying warm. Sure is scary to hear about weather being so terrible there. Will be saying prayers for all and hope to hear from you soon.

I hope to make it back here and catch up on all the posts soon.

Take Care My Dear Friends,


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Thanks, Punk. We made it back home, but nearly didn't. The Christmas angel must have been riding with us for sure. I think we will be housebound for a few days.
I know other parts of the country are having bad weather too.
Stay safe, everyone!

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Kathleen, I am so glad to hear you are safely at home. And really hope you do stay put the next few days. Such scary weather.
This has been the darnedest year for weather across the whole country. I think its one of the worst I can remember. (I figure somehow we (humans) managed to really tick Mother Nature off.)

All of you please stay safe and warm.
hugs, Karen

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Punk..Thank sweet of you to send prayers out.
Karen..thanks for you concerns too.
I agree about Mother Nature..'What Did We Do' ??
CT is getting wacked pretty hard too.
Kathleen, I can relate to your driving conditions. Glad you got home safe.
I had to make a daily run for DF and the winding roads here were awful.
We had our driveway plowed earlier today and it's already covered deep again. It's a long,steep driveway and when it's a heavy snow, they usually have to do it two seperate times, otherwise it's too much at once.
If you don't have to go out..Don't!!
Stay safe and stay well.


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My silly dh insisted on going in to work today. We're in Northern NJ. Most of his ride is highway, and he has my car (4WD), but I'm staying put.
Our beach house is buried, and they are not good about plowing. My guess is we won't be heading down for a while. :-( (That's where I go to Church.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ocean Grove in the snow. Beautiful, but dangerous

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I was thinking of you all this morning as we watched the national news. OMG, what a mess you're dealing with! Please stay safe and warm. My prayers are with you all.

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I hope everyone who is in the path of this awful storm is safe and out of harm's way.

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Four wheel drive didn't help us yesterday coming home. Going 20 mph we must have hit ice, slid across into the other lane, 360, and then back to the other side and another...the road goes downhill. We ended up on the side of the road facing the wrong way, an inch from a telephone pole. 1 mile from home! I shudder to think if we would have hit a smaller car in the other lane! But the good Lord was with us!

Lots of roads closed here, emergency workers only !

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Oh my goodness! Thirty inches of snow and blowing winds causing huge drifts of snow! By all means, just stay home safe and warm. Hopefully all of you make sure you have stocked up on food so you don't have to get out. I always worry about the people who need to go for treatments like dialysis and such.

Kathleen, so glad you made it home safely. Please stay home and be safe--you can shop the after Christmas sales online, okay? ;o)

Jane, winding roads covered in snow and sometimes ice--not a good thing. I'm so sorry you are having to get out in that.

Nancy, the Lord is right there where you are so don't risk life and limb trying to drive to church on those treacherous roads okay? Be safe.


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Whoa, Kathleen. That's sort of a Christmas miracle! Glad you're now home and safe.

My son and his wife fly out of Washington, D.C. today. I am so nervous. I wish I was there right now. I wouldn't let them on that plane until I checked the wings for ice PERSONALLY.

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Kathleen, How scary!!! Thank God you made it home safely!! I've been driving 4 wheel drive vehicles for years. You can go places others can't, but even the most experienced driver can get in trouble when it's icy.

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Sounds like everyone here is home safe & sound...thank God! kathleen...ugh!

nancyjean, thanks for sharing that site...unbelievable how a blizzard can cause so much havoc...hoping all will be clear snow & the ol' "regular" winter stuff prevails! So terrible when power is lost...emergency health issues & heat!

Thanks, punk, for starting this post.

jane...hope you will stay put for a bit & your DF will be ok until you're able to get there in safer conditions...sounds like he is being well taken care of ...a blessing!

lynninnm...missing happy to see you ckg in.
luvs...thinking of you, too. Hugs! Jeanne S.

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Wow Kathleen...I believe in Angels..and yours was with you for certain!..So glad you made it home safe. We have 4 wheel drive as well, but have to remember that we're not invincible when it comes to this type of driving. The slightest patch of ice can send you flying.

OA..hope your Son and his wife have a safe flight home. I don't blame you, I'd be checking those wings too!

Our Large Christmas Tree on the Front Porch took flight. The brutal winds here have snapped both cables. DH used two cables to anchor the tree to the porch to prevent it from doing just that. Guess these winds are stronger than expected.


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So glad to hear all of you are ok for now. We also got some strong winds and snow last night but nothing like yours. It's suppose to be down to zero again here this week and I'm not liking the thought of that cold weather again.

Nancy, thanks for the article. My DH is bridge forman for the county and he will go out and plow when it's bad so I can relate to that article. I was a first responder so have alot of experience with the medical crews too.

Kathleen, bet that was almost enought to fill your britches! So glad you are home now. It has been years since that happened to me and I hope to never be there again.

Jane, stay home and safe and this to will pass.

OA, hope the kids were able to fly out and land safely today. Please let us know if they're safe now.

Hope every one stays safe and Mother Nature decides we are nice people who are not enjoying what she's sending our way this year.


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Lynne, Jane, Kathleen, Judith, please stay off the roads. Kathleen, read your blog, that is so scary when your car goes out of control, nothing you can do, but sit there & ride it out.

Glad you & hubby made it home safe, now stay there!!!

I don't envy any of you, being in the midwest, I've been thru many big snowstorms over the years & know how bad they can be.

I didn't get out for after xmas sales either, was too tired Sunday & today had to take grandson for braces & then had a friend call & ask me to frost her hair afterward, so while gson was getting braces, I ran thru Target, but didn't really see anything that called out to me & I usually can do better at garage sales in the summer than even 50% off.

I do need xmas wrap & tags, but I think I can find them tomorrow somewhere.

Have two g-daughters staying over & we are planning a shopping spree tomorrow.

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Thanks, everyone! I do feel terrible for all those stuck in airports for days. The news said JFK in NY ran out of food. Can you imagine being there with little ones and nothing to feed them. The wind is just howling, so that doesn't help , the flights are still so backed up!

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Kathleen..those poor travelers.
That makes me remember a few yrs ago taking
Amtrack down to Fl at Christmas. (I hate flying).. DH and I were visiting DD when she lived there. On the way home we ran into an ice storm in the Carolinas..we were held up 7 hrs on the track, and they ran out of food and had to have it delivered by truck.
They were trying to serve the food first, to those of us who paid first class (private car)..but the passengers in Coach were actually attacking them to get the food first. It became very ugly and was just an awful experience. NEVER-EVER again would I travel that way. I can't imagine having children with me and having that happen.

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