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deb2jessJune 6, 2012

This probably seeems silly and petty but who cleans up the mess left behind by the builders? We are contracting our own build hiring people as we go. We are getting really good prices, staying under budget, Yay! I don't mind picking up wood scraps, recycling a few bags of shingle ends etc. but, I got home late today from work , let my dogs out and they ran to the build site to dig through all the fast food trash left by the sheetrockers! There were cans and food trash everywhere! Is this normal? Not sure this came with the bid!

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Do you not have a dumpster? If you are acting as the GC, then you would need to spell out how clean you want the area left in the contracts you have with the people you are hiring.

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The GC hires the dumpster and polices the trades to be sure that they use it. When it's full, they call to have it removed or replaced. If your trash is, full, it's time to get a bigger trash or to empty the one you've got. Yes, you.

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This should be spelled out in the sub-contracts and if you are doing the hiring you are responsible for those terms and conditions. If you did not make those standards clear you are at the mercy of the sub-contractors unless the site is in a dangerous condition.

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Yes, you have received good responses here. The ball's in your court! The good news is that you are saving the fee and expenses normally paid to a GC. Good luck!

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