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slinkeyDecember 16, 2011

Got a chance today to catch up on some of your posts, and also to post some more pictures.

Here's the FR Tree & Mantel -

Small Train & Village Display for our Youngest GrSon...

I usually decorate this main tree pretty much the same every yr...lots of old ornaments from over the yrs. Also newer ones I love adding from our Family Reunion - Ornament Grab Bag Exchange..It's become a tradition for over 10 yrs now.

Closer look of Mantel Lit up...I added some of my Santas in with greens and the new CTS Lanterns that I'm 'beating to death'! I found this old framed print in a Consignment Shop last yr. I loved the winter scene for the Season. The original was painted by a local New England artist.

Hope you enjoyed looking..

I still have some more pic I'll put in another post.


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OMG Jane - your tree is gorgeous - I absolutely love a loaded down tree - so colorful and so much to look at. I must confess I get a little teary eyed when I see trains under a tree. My late husband was an avid train collector and it wasn't Christmas till the trains were running under the tree. I still do several different villages but my son has most of the trains so some still run under a tree. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories of Christmas past :) .....


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I feel like I've just looked thru the pages of 'Country Living!' Oh my, jane...your Christmas decor is so very beautiful! That tree! I haven't is so full of decorations...gorgeous! & we also have that tradition each yr of an ornament grab bag it's fun to keep adding to the tree! The lil' train...ahhh, melts my happy youngest GS can still enjoy it w/village.

I love your new/old 'find' of a framed Winter scene...looks beautiful above your mantle...I noticed it right away! Yes, those lanterns are getting 'use' ...wonderful & the remote candles. Sorry to say I had to take my candles back & exchanged for another set...1st set the middle one wouldn't work. The exchanged set only the smallest one of the 3 they are going back, too...think I am givin' up on that idea now...bummer!

Anyway, back to your vintage Santa's on the mantle...& the Poinsetta & greenery! So very, very pretty! TFS, jane...always a pleasure to visit your home! Jeanne S.

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Well, Lynne and Jeanne sure said it so well that I hardly know what I can add. But your tree took my breath away. I don't know how you physically decorate such a big one, and so loaded with ornaments, but you sure have my admiration for doing so. I am literally in awe. (has your body forgiven you yet for putting it thru that?)
The mantel is also lovely, tho its hard to tear my gaze away from the tree to see more. What a 'find' in that old framed print! Its perfect there, and such a lovely print.

The little train (and village) at the bottom of the tree just grabs my heart. Living with cats I never attempted a village when I did a big tree, they liked to lay under the tree among the presents. (PRE-Jazz days). Your train had me feeling really emotional, brought memories of my train set when I was a little girl. (told you I was a tomboy, lol. I asked Santa for a train set one year, no dolls for me.) I loved my train. Each Christmas, I see photos of them under trees and I think "next year, maybe I'll get one". But I don't do big trees any more, and I tell myself I'm just being silly for wanting a train now. Jazz would probably derail it anyway. LOL.

Wish I could sit by your tree, it is so inviting!
hugs, Karen

"Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?
You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit
gets all the credit."

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Thank you ladies...
All the hard work pays off when you receive such warm compliments!
Lynne...I guess you described my tree perfectly 'Loaded Down' - and I don't even have all my ornaments on it!
I've been collecting for so long, that now I'm becoming more selective as to what to put on it..although each ornament has a special meaning - but it's hard finding space for all of them on the tree. I'm touched by your feelings over the train set. This set is not an old one...we got it for our DGkids to enjoy. It's a nice large scale. My DFather started my brother and me off on the love of trains. We had several sets. Both DH & I still have our original trains from when we were little.
They do bring back nostalgic feelings. I think it's wonderful that your DS carries on the tradition of your late DH.

Jeanne - wow Country that's a compliment!
I'm so sorry to hear about your remote lights..that is a bummer. I wouldn't give up on them though because they are really wonderful - when they work ! LOL
Isn't it great having an ornament exchange. I look at each ornament I've received and remember the family member
who I got it from.

Karen...Thanks for such sweet comments.
No, my body has not been behaving..ea day there's a new part 'speaking to me'. I find each year, when it comes to decorating... 'I think I can'... but 'my body can't' !
I don't think it's silly to still want a train...they do really bring back wonderful memories.
You don't see kids wanting them anymore it's nice WE can be the kids who enjoy them. Sorry tho with Jazz, I can see it becoming a problem. What if you elevated a tree on a buffet, put it in the center and ran a small train set around it...maybe that would work.
Don't give up your hope for one.

Thanks again ladies.


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I am LOL, jane when I read your comment, "Isn't it great having an ornament exchange. I look at each ornament I've received and remember the family member who I got it from."...

we aren't so 'nice' about our family get tog w/my siblings, neices, nephews & grands! We all bring wrapped ornies & then draw numbers...unwrap & then you can steal only ONCE after you've opened yours...we've come home w/some 'hum-dingers!', I tell ya! LOL!

That's how I got my football 'Hawk' player...I've been an avid Hawkeye fan for many yrs it makes me smile! Here it is on the tree this yr!

But then again, our kids pick out some 'doozies' sometimes for us, too! LOL! so good to hear from you ... & hoping your body heals & relaxes & lets you enjoy the days ahead! So many blessings on this forum! Jeanne S.

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I LOVE your decor! very vintage and cozy. I love the lanterns on the fireplace and great job on your tree!


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Ha Jeanne! I do remember seeing your "Hawkeye' ornament
and I thought it had been a 'gift'! Glad it was something you wanted from the 'Grab Bag'. Your grab bag sounds like fun and in good spirit.
I set the 'rules' for our grab bag...a $5 minimum for anyone who wants to join in. It seems now even the young kids want to add an ornament...which really makes it fun.
This year someone suggested we get to switch once with someone...but nobody liked that idea. I must say, it's become a big event now and very popular. I use one of those Extremely Large Gift Bags with a draw string because there are more and more joining in. Everyone is like a kid wondering what new ornament they'll get...all usually very nice.
This idea also solved the 'gift giving' problem with the family growing (small kids) and everyone on a tight budget
We did a Secret Santa once but even that got out of hand. So now we all enjoy receiving a 'new ornament' and there's no hard feelings.

It would be nice hearing all the different gift giving 'traditions' everyone has here.

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Wow, Jane what a lovely tree! Everyone has said what I wanted to. I love the mantel especially in candlelight, and the print is perfect.

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Jane, it looks beautiful! I have the lanterns too, right outside my front door. They are every bit as nice as the one I got at P Barn Outlet.
Your mantel is lovely, and the fire makes it so inviting in there!
Your tree is gorgeous! So nice to have it done early so you can enjoy it!

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