Will it fit? Electrolux induction slide in

angiebangieJuly 9, 2012

I currently have a freestanding but prefer the look of a slide in. My cut out is 30 1/16" wide, 24.75" deep, and 34 5/8" from floor to the bottom of the counter top, 35 7/8" floor to top of counter.


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From what I've read, if you are replacing a free standing range that used the standard cutout space with an Electrolux slide in, you have to buy and install their rear trim filler kit. Or you could go with the GE Profile Induction slide in that is made to fit a standard free standing range cut out and does not require a rear trim kit to be installed.

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All of the measurements that I'm finding online say that the width is 31 inches. I'm assuming that included the width of the cooktop that extends over the cabinet, but I want to make sure before I order the range. I would hate to spend $3k and have it not fit. I just want to make sure the space I have is wide enough and that my counters are at the proper height.

As far as the rear, I was looking at the trim kit or just getting a strip of stainless cut to fit the space.

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angie, have you looked at the installation manual?

If you search here, you will see that there can be a concern if you have frameless cabinets adjacent.

What type of counter tops do you have, and how much do they hang over the front edge, and what type/shape of edge?

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Induction Range Installation Manual

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Attofarad, thank you!!!!!! We unfortunately have Formica counter tops with a plain Jane boxy edge.
Off to google frameless cabinets.

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It appears that I have face frame cabinets.

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Angiebangie -

We have cabinets and the Electrolux slide-in range on order for an August kitchen remodel. I read the Electrolux installation guide and showed it to our contractor.

All the dimensions are important, but not following these three have seemed to be an issue for differant people - 1) the 32" spacing between cabinet doors (1" on each side of the 30" opening), 2) the 1-1/8" overhang of the counter beyond the cabinet frame, and 3) the 36" + or - 1/4" height of the countertop surface to the floor.

If you have an existing kitchen and are not considering replacing the countertop, you should go over the dimensions carefully to see if this range can work.

For our new kitchen we are wrestling with the 32" dimension. Putting in 1" filler strips on each side of the range is OK. However, this raises question on how to handle the over-the-range microwave. We need to either add the same 1" filler strips on each side of the microwave, or let the microwave shift off center versus the range centerline. We're leaning towards adding the filler strips on the wall cabinets to keep the microwave centered.

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Aaron, what is the consequence of having 1.5" counter overhang rather than 1.125"? Will I need to grind back the granite on the front?

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I have face frame cabinets with at least 1 inch between the edge of the cabinet doors and the opening for the range, which is 30 1/16" wide. That seems to be exactly the width needed.

The only issue I see so far is the 30" clearance above the cooktop to the cabinet above. I currently have a microwave above the cooktop and was planning an advantium or other 120v speed oven (is there another option?) in the current microwave's place.

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@ angiebangie: the vertical clerarance above the range is meant for combustibles (cabinets). If you are installing an exhaust hood, microwave, or other above the range appliance you don't need 30" vertical clearance - you need whatever the microwave installation sheet says - frequently this is 18 to 24". Any cabinet installed above the microwave would easily be further than 30" away.

@attofarad: The Electrolux slide-in is designed to bottom out against a shoulder on the front control panel. When you have the desired 1-1/8" overhang, the inside of the oven door will be just flush with the cabinet fronts. With a 1.5" overhang, you'll be 3/8" proud of that (about the diameter of a wood pencil). You could try it first and see if it is acceptable to you, before trying to have the granite re-worked on-site (probably very dusty).

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My countertop overhang is exactly 1". I'm assuming that will cause no problem. Thanks for the clarification on the upper cabinet/microwave height

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