Bosch compact or universal mixer

COLNJuly 22, 2013

I haven't decided on which BOSCH to purchase but was wondering about the plastic bowls. Not being metal, I am assuming this could be a bad choice for whipping egg whites. Am I correct or does anyone routinely make angel food cakes , etc. that require full volume?

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Compact or Universal plus - depends on your needs. If you're doing a lot of high volume baking, then the Universal Plus. If you're interested in attachments, check what's available for each machine - the Compact has a lot but I'm pretty sure there's no meat grinder or pasta maker for the smaller compact.

But if you'll likely be making one or two loaves at a time, the Compact is plenty powerful.

You can, btw, get a metal bowl for either machine for additional cost. Check on Pleasant Hill Grains.

If you're concerned about whipping egg whites in the plastic bowl, wipe the bowl down with high grade ethanol such as Everclear - it's mostly pretty taste neutral and will cut through the grease. I keep some on hand for making extracts and vanilla. If you can't find that then try a high octane cheap vodka.

I think you'll be fine with the plastic bowl but I, too, prefer the metal bowl, just because I'm prejudiced against plastic, LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pleasant Hill Grains

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