Karen : The tree is coming....

milosmom_gwDecember 2, 2011

I promise , I WILL get that tree up eventually..lol

I had it all planned out today ... UNTIL ... I got rearended sitting & waiting for the road to clear from another incident.

I could have screammmmed, but I'm being good and have just given up hope that the curse is gonna leave.. lol

DH & I are both fine and the truck is for the most part. Only need a bumper and a taillight. That much I'm greatful for being as the lady completely demolished the bumper and scratched the crap out of the passenger side of the car beside me before coming to a stop against my truck. *siiigh*

Purple tree coming tomorrow I hope and I told the neighbor if he sees smoke, come running. LOL

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MM, this is terrible! So glad to hear you and DH are ok. You of all people don't need any more to deal with. I wish you was a bear and could just go hibernate for awhile.LOL

Purple tree coming tomorrow sounds fun tho! Hope it turns out just the way you want too.


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MM, I swear I am going to start calling you "Eeyore", remember how he has that little dark cloud hanging over him? (actually he's my favorite character along with Tigger). I am so glad the accident was minor in damage and no one hurt.
Jeanne had to go an get hit by a tractor! (and thank heavens no injuries there!)

hugs, Karen

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Good Grief, MM
When it rains it pours. I hope the rain has stopped and taken that dark cloud with it.
I'm so glad You and your DH weren't hurt.

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OMgosh, Milo! I can't believe it ...hugs...I will write more later...leaving for a bit. Jeanne S.

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MM, I know you are going to be glad when this year is over!! But, I do hope the holiday season is going to be enjoyable for you. I'm looking forward to the purple tree!

Wow, I'm glad you were OK and the truck has only minor damage, but, GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN, you have sure had a challenging year. Hang in there, we all care about you and I'm sending T & P's your way for a beautiful and peaceful holiday.


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Thank you all. This was minor compared to the whole dundrum of other crud that has happened so I'm not to worried about it. Oddly, my truck is one of the things I care the least about as long as it keeps going. I don't prefer "brand new" because they are smarter than me...lol
I'll get it fixed but the insurance process is a pain in the caboose.
I've dragged the tree upstairs and moved the console table out so once I get up and moving again...away we gooo. lol

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That's how I feel, too, MM ... wasn't hurt cause I wasn't in my car...it's my workhorse of a car from when I was still working...good running, comfy & great in the snow...so I'm hoping it can be fixed...can't open the driver's door or the back door & the hood unlatched...

but like you say, least of the worries as far as what a yr it's been for you. Hugs & that purple tree will be popping up before the big holiday, I'm sure! Jeanne S.

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