Powder room - window or no window?

ssteinAugust 2, 2012

We are building right now and have a window in our first floor powder room. We like the idea of having natural light and ventilation in the room, but aren't sure about the best layout for the sink and toilet with a window (the room is 5' x 5'5" with the window on the longer wall). If anyone has a window in their powder room, I would love to hear what layout you have and if you feel like you need to keep it covered for privacy issues (also, if it's a smaller transom type window or more standard size). The window isn't installed yet, so we can still take it out if we decided to not have a window at all (we haven't ever had a window in our powder room, so the idea is new to us). The widow wall is on the side of the house, but we have a 2 acre lot so our neighbor isn't right next to us. Thanks!

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I'd opt for a window. I have the high transom window in my bathroom and I think that my guests are comfortable with that. It lets it a surprising amount of light while still giving complete privacy

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I have a powder room of just about the same dimensions. The window faces out to the back deck. Anyone standing on the deck could theoretically (and actually) could look into the window, so I used a frosted contact paper to cover the lower window (double-hung about 29"x45"). I have a linen pleated shade always in the down position, so light can come through, but no one is able to see in. If I chose to I could raise the shade and because of the frosted window you couldn't see in or out, but the shade allows just about the same amount of light through, so I never bother to pull it up.

As to layout, the window is straight ahead of you as you enter the room. Immediately on your right is the sink and vanity cab, and then just after that on the right is the toilet. The only things on the wall on the left side are a towel bar and the TP holder.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would opt for a window as there is nothing like natural light. GF has an octagonal window in hers that is set so that the bottom sill is about the height of my chin so no privacy issue there. And it cranks open for ventilation. You could go with round or oval too.

Or you can think about frosted glass, textured glass, glass block, stained glass.

Or you can go with bottom up shades, lace, sheers...in my old bath I had a double hung window and shirred the lace curtain on top and bottom rods that were mounted directly to the lower window, so the lace covered just the bottom of the window and moved up and down with the window when I opened it for ventilation...still maintained privacy.

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