Futuro Futuro 'Skylight'--seen one?

Fori is not pleasedJuly 14, 2011

Futuro Futuro has inconveniently located their showroom on the opposite side of the continent so I am wondering if anyone has seen the "Skylight" model. It seems a little odd and I'm wondering if it would actually work as a hood when mounted so high.

It would solve certain stylistic complaints I have with installing a regular hood in my current kitchen, but I'm not sure the whole idea is fully baked. (It could hide behind a header instead of being half visible from the next room.)

Any opinions? Anyone have one or visited the showroom or think it might work for an 8 foot ceiling over a 30" range in a peninsula/island application?


Here is a link that might be useful: futuro's

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Over what sort of 30" range? Cooking what sorts of food?

I'm leery of this, especially in an island / peninsula. It may work better set in the corner of a room where there are fewer wind currents blowing effluents around, either with a lower ceiling (like, 6.5 or 7') or at the peak of a slanted roof.

But I'm curious, too, if someone actually has one of these...

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Fori is not pleased

Induction range, standard foods. It's currently set up for downdraft (except for the lack of ductwork in the crawlspace. Eww.).

I don't want to be the guinea pig. At least not the only one.

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IMHO, it would be a good idea to install this hood directly above the range, instead of in a corner, for 2 reasons.

It looks like it's designed as a "whole-room" ventilation system, with 2 blowers that create a massive updraft flow rather than trying to capture the pollution from the stove. Locating it above the range would provide the shortest path for the air pollution to reach the hood. In addition, since hot air rises - let the natural buoyancy of the heated air carry the smell/grease directly upward, where it will be sucked into the hood and expelled outside the house.

Related thought: you could also install it in a drop-down soffit, where it will be a couple of feet closer to the range (i.e. captures better and is easier to clean/change filters), but still out of the line-of-sight. Of course, this depends on your specific kitchen design and whether it's worth the time/expense of building the soffit.

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Yeah -- what I meant above was put this under the range in a corner (i.e., range not in an open island / peninsula area).

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Fori is not pleased

(That's what I thought you meant. Of course if I could put my range where I wanted it, I wouldn't be considering an offbeat excuse for a hood!)

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Anyone have any updated info on this hood?

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Bumping for updates

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Haven't seen it in person... but I have a tip for you.
The Futuro hoods are made by Falmec in Italy. If you look
on eBay, someone has the Falmec Nuvola unit identical to the
Futuro Skylight currently up for sale. I purchased a hood
from them and couldn't be more pleased.

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