A table from the Elf

kathleen_liDecember 23, 2010

A table featuring plaid , and an elfy message! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Plaid

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I love your plaid table, its just so "Christmas-y" with the traditional colors, and totally appealing. I'd really enjoy sitting at it, with a fireplace near by, and looking out a window to a snowy scene.

Also I loved getting to SEE you, you lovely lady! Does this mean I finally have a photo of you for our Forum Family Album? LOL. I think it captures your personality perfect.

hugs, Karen

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I love plaid for Christmas too. That tablecloth is so pretty, glad you found it. So you have enough plates for the whole gang here--we should have headed the bus to your house for sure. ;o) You are so lucky to have those pretty evergreens in your yard, they make a lovely centerpiece.

I keep meaning to tell you how much I love the pic you used for your header too. Very pretty in your kitchen window.

Have a safe trip to your son's house, and thanks for sharing your pretty tables here with us.


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Yes, head over in the bus here! And plates silverware and glasses for all! LOL
That would be great fun, for sure.
I hope things are ok with Jane, she has been quiet.

Thanks for looking, Karen and Luvs!

I just got off the phone...2 hours with Dell...a virus. So why do I pay for virus protection?? I guess it's like the flu shot, you can still get a different strain. And there's so much stuff floating around on the net. This one was telling me my hard drive was missing!

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Kathleen, what a warm & welcoming table, I love how you use the fresh greens from your yard in the centerpiece.

I also need to find red flatwear, not only you, but so many others have had it in their tablesettings this season, I'm on the lookout for it now!!

It's so nice to see the little Irish Elf, you are an Irish beauty!!

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Kathleen, I can't believe another virus has hit you. That is just the pits! Why don't these people use their computer knowledge to do good things instead of causing problems and expense for everyone????

I know I've downloaded some freebie printables from some of the blogs and each time I do, I worry a bit about whether it is safe or not! Kinda scary but they are so cute I can't resist! ;o)

Hope this one gets cleared up real quick for you.


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Karen, your tablesetting is lovely, I am very fond of plaid, it just really sets the Christmas mood, you did a great job on bringing it all together.

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Judith, I wish that was my tablesetting. LOL. Not even in my dreams could I create something like Kathleen does.
But I'm glad you thought of me.

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LOL, sorry, I must have had you on my mind (I would like to have blamed it on a little to much Christmas sparkling wine but it was way to early in the day LOL) Karen, you certainly could and do great decorating! :)

Kathleen, your tablesetting is great :)

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Kathleen, Your table is wonderful,as usual!!! The plaid table cloth is perfect with the pretty china. The red flat ware is great. What a lovely little elf you are!!! I am hoping to get pictures posted this week but we are in the path of that storm that is coming up the coast, so I don't know if my daughter will be able to get up here to post them for me.

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Thanks, Nana, and Judith. And Karen, you surely could!

Nana, we are getting hit hard, barely made it home from son's house ! What a trip!

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Kathleen, We aren't getting as much snow here in NE PA as our neighbors in NY, NJ, and New England. Not to mention some of the southern states. But the winds are ferocious and I'm glad I don't have to go out. I'd have to spend ten minutes uncovering my car the wind has blown at least 10 inches of snow over it. I'm glad you made it home safely!! it is really frightening to get caught out in weather like that. Warm weather can't come soon enough for me!

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Nana, I am with you! Sunny and dry, doesn't have to be that warm, but that wind is killer! It will come, it always, does! :)

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kathleen...I'm catching up from the last few days...wanted to comment on your lovely table. Like luvs said above, I love the header pic on your blog...that Santa Chef on the window ledge & all the goodies with the lighted pinery...so cute!

The Noel plates are lovely...& the linens fit the cool, wintery days! But my fav is the basket centerpc of pines & Baby's Breath...& pinecones...enjoying the aroma of fresh cut pines!

Everything in your t'scape brings a feeling of warmth & joy! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Kathleen..I love your Festive Table all dressed in Plaid!...my favorite look for Christmas.
I enjoyed reading the story behind your Noel Dinner Plates.
They are just perfect for this setting, along with the Red Flatware.
I think adding fresh greens to a centerpiece, makes it so special and the selection from your yard is so lovely. I see all your CTS touches which compliment everything as well. I just love the traditional look of this table.

Sorry you've been hit with a virus again. Seems to be happening quite a bit to you. I don't think I'd have the patience to handle it. I hope by now it's been all taken care of.


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Thank you, Jeanne and Jane!
I love plaid and fresh greens too.

Jane, oh yes, Dell fixed it. Said it came from games or you tube, a wifi virus?? I don't do games or you tube, so who knows!
I am getting used to it, just put it on speaker phone and let them find it and clean up while I do my work in the kitchen! :)

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Kathleen, enjoyed your Christmas table and decorations. LOL about putting support on speaker phone and clean up while you work in the kitchen. Reminds me of myself most days at work. Your a cute little elf, Missy!


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