Small Bathroom Remodel - Finished!

rachel4595August 6, 2012

Ages and ages ago I asked for help from this forum on remodeling our small guest/hall bathroom and found lots of ideas from everyone here. I thought I would share the finished project here (finally)!

The bathroom is small (about 6x8) and we remodeled it about three years ago before we had kids. There are some things I would have done differently had I thought about the fact that this would end up being the kids bathroom (marble countertop is a water spot magnet, tilting mirror is fun for kids to twist, wish the vanity had drawers for toothbrushes) but there are many things I am glad we did that have worked great with our toddler (solid surface shower for easy cleaning, adjustable handheld, space under vanity for footstool, electrical outlet in vanity, basket weave marble floor isn't slippery when wet, Gerber toilet with powerflush to avoid clogs).

I can try and answer any questions re: sources, though it's been so long I don't remember exactly where everything was from! Thanks everyone for your help. We are working on our master bath now and will post pictures when we are finished!

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It's very pretty and I especially love your basketweave floor. On my monitor, your paint color looks completely different in each of the three photos so I'm curious which one is the most accurate and what color you used.

Good luck with your masterbath reno... I'll look forward to your pictures!

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It wont be long before they know how to use the bathroom in an appropriate way:) It is very nice. Floor is beautiful. I like the wall with the pictures on it too.

Your BR is about the size of my BR project. I have been having a very slow go of it. Nice to see projects that are finished as it gives me hope.

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I was wondering the same thing re: paint color--different in each pic on my monitor as well.

It looks terrific in any color, though! Our bathrooms are also small (5x7, 5x7.5), so 6x8 seems almost spacious to me! LOL

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Lovely! That floor is great. It all looks so peaceful.

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I am curious about your shower head setup. Can you use one showerhead at a time? Can you use them both at the same time?

And, does your rain head use lots more water, or just have a lot of spigots (I've been wondering about rain heads in general, if anyone wants to answer this question for me).


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Thanks everyone! It was a labor of love and we really enjoy it. The paint color is Sea Glass by Benjamin Moore. There is no natural light in the room so the color can look very green or very blue depending on which wall you are looking at. I would say the picture with the truest color is the one of the sink and toilet.
As for the showerhead - we can use each shower head individually or together. I think the rain head uses the same water as any other regular shower head. We actually use the rain head the most and just use the hand held to hose off dirty kids or to clean the shower. It also has a thermostatic valve with a temperature lock so our kids can't turn the water on too hot.

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I like your bathroom very, especially the floor tiles. I've never seen any like them before. I'm wondering what you used for your shower surround and if you put cement board behind it? TIA, MeMo

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I love your bathroom! I also would like to know what you used for your shower surround and what did you put behind it?

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Hi, sorry for the delayed response. We just used a cultured marble (the color is a white background with white marbling) for the shower surround. Would have loved to use a solid marble, but that was way out of our budget. I am not a fan of cleaning grout in the shower and love having the solid surface - it's so easy to clean. The company that installed the cultured said that we didn't need anything behind it, since it is made from solid panels and sealed with silicone. We did install it over greenboard though. The other side of the shower can be viewed from our other bathroom since that is now under construction and two years later there is not a single hint of any water getting through.

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