Frigidaire appliances

KathyhattonJuly 3, 2013

I am remodeling my kitchen and want reviews on frigidaire professional series 23 cu counter dpth refrigerator side by side, 30" gas range, dw and microwave

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While I don't own any of those things, let me suggest that you try posting the model numbers because that seems to generate more responses here.

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We have a Frigidaire gas stove (about 8 y/o) ... The only problem I had with it was a couple of years ago the glass front on the door shattered for no apparent reason.( we weren't even using it) Cost about $200 to replace the glass.
We also have a Frigidaire DW which is 2 y/o. Nothing but problems with it. We bought an extended warranty and have had to use it several times. Had a repairman out yesterday to fix the door/gasket ... we may be buying a new DW!!! Repair may not be covered under warranty, & may take several weeks to get parts! I won't get another Frigidaire DW

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I currently own a full size side by side and can give you my experience with that if you are interested? It's not the exact same fridge, so I'm not sure if you want to hear.

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I have a counter depth Frigidaire SxS ref. for the last 6-7 years and no problems so far.

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You can do better. Much better. IF you want to.

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you must buy BLUESTAR

nothing else will suffice

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Save the sarcasm for those it is aimed at. Here, it is just drive by littering.

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In my previous home I replaced all of the gross Magic Chef appliances the house came with with Frigidaire Gallery- gas range, dishwasher, mw and SxS. I loved them, they performed excellently.

In this house I have just purchased the Frigidaire Professional line- french door, dishwasher, mw and electric range to replace the GE Profile appliances that were here when I moved in. I think I am going to be very happy, I hated the GE stuff.

To be honest, I probably would have been just as happy getting the Gallery set again, but on vanity alone I went with the pro line because I liked the look better.

This isn't going to be our forever house, but it won't be anything too terribly short term either so I wanted something nice but not super high end.

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