It is not decorated yet and it needs paint but.......

lynnencfanDecember 13, 2011

here is my faux fireplace and mantel - I am so excited - hubby build this today while I was out with my two sisters volunteering at a place called the Scrap Exchange - a reuse, recycle, repurpose non-profit - it will get painted tomorrow (white) then the hard part - let the paint cure a couple of days

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What a handy hubby!! That's beautiful and just in time for Christmas.

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What a guy!! It looks amazing and I agree the hard part is the waiting. Will anxiously wait to see it done and decorated.
Kudos to your DH!!What a sweetheart.


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You are one very lucky gal, Lynne, that is beautiful! Your DH really did a beautiful job on it! Lots of kisses under the mistletoe for him, huh? LOL I'll look forward to seeing it all set up and decorated too.

So tell us more about the Scrap Exchange? What kinds of things do they sell there? Is is sort of like a Habitat store with everything from nuts and bolts to bathroom fixtures? Nice of you to volunteer your time too.


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Well the cat has decided to try it our even before I get to decorate it - he has been there all evening - lol

Luvs - the Scrap Exchange is a local all purpose recycling place - they take anything other than food type containers - it is hard to explain so I included a link. My sisters and I are in charge of the fabric and craft area. We love it


kitty cat checking out the fireplace

Here is a link that might be useful: scrapexchange

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Oh lynne...yippee...he did it! Your Christmas wish come true! And oh my, it is gorgeous. Now when you paint it white, what are you doing to the faux fire box part? Is that black or something (the plywood part)? I just think this is the most beautiful thing in the world! Love that leafed trim work! WOWSERS!!! Hugs to DH! You are loved! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne - for right now it is getting painted white with a black interior. In January/Februdary we are redoing the living room so depending on the colors we choose it might get a redo. We would love to find a brick to line it with and possibly tile for the hearth but not sure - I am still going to do some looking on the internet for ideas. It all happened so fast I am still trying to digest it all - decorating it for Christmas is first and foremost :)

Thank you everyone for your kind words - God really blessed me a second time when he brought Tom into my life :) .....


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Oh Wow Lynne...this so beautiful! I agree DH is a keeper.
What a nice surprise..
He did such a great job and so fast!
I too am looking forward to seeing when it's all painted and decorated...
Looks like Kitty Cat gives it '2 PAWS UP' ! lol

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What a great hubby you have! Not to mention pretty darn creative to make something so beautiful. WOW. You are a lucky woman! Whatever HE wants for Christmas, he deserves!
You are going to have so much fun decorating this, and we are going to have so much fun seeing what all you do!

Had to laugh at Kitty! Of course he would try it out immediately! That's what cats do. LOL. He's going to be sooooo disappointed when you put stuff on his new bed tho.
Poor Guy.

hugs, Karen

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Lynne, Your DH is so thoughtful. What a wonderful surprise!!!
I'm kitty has given his stamp of approval lol. I can't wait to see it painted and decorated.

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Here's another idea for you. We have a fireplace in our den. We live in the middle of California so we don't light a lot of fires. I got tired of staring at this black hole and decided to change it. An idea hit me like a ton of bricks. After measuring, I found out the mirror attached to our dresser was exactly the same size as our fireplace. (I've never liked that mirror anyway and we've had it for 35 years.) My husband and co-conspirator took the mirror off by taking off the brackets, taping it off and painting the frame black. After it dried, he put it in the fireplace. Fit to a tee and very snuggly so did not have to do anything else. We put flameless candles on timers in front of it and we get more bang for our buck. Right night we have some latterns dressed for the holidays in plaid ribbons and the light is reflecting beautifully. Just an idea.

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swest2 - I really like that idea - I have access to just about any size mirror at this place I volunteer at - I am going to pass the idea by my husband - thanks .....


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Marlene Kindred

Well, I sure hope that you gave your DH an extra tight hug for that beautiful creation! What a great job! Looks fantastic! I was thinking about a show I saw once where they took a mirror and put it on the inside of a faux fireplace, then put large pillar candles in front. Looked beautiful. Whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will be a great addition to your room!

Kitty thinks so too! ;-)

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Holy Moly you are one lucky girl. Love it !!!!!!!!! Can't wit to see it finished. Have fun decorating it. your cute little kitty.


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