Foundation Crack

badger21June 12, 2013

My husband and I arrived at our site today only to see a pile of busted up concrete and the 2 walls that make up part of our garage/house foundation not there anymore. The basement floor was suppose to be poured today. I guess a portion of the foundation popped/cracked so the foundation walls were completely removed and will have to be replaced. Our garage is attaced and side loading so the walls I'm speaking of are the front wall of the garage and the wall of the garage on the interior side of our house. The foundation cured for at least 10 days before they back filled. Our GC says it will be fixed and this does not jeopardize the integrity or strength of the house.. I'm glad that it was noticed and the building process did not just proceed with a cracked foundation but I'm freaking out.

Is this true, will our house foundation still be strong? Will an inspection take place after the these foundation walls are poured again? Is this common? Help I'm in panic mode!!!! This is the biggest investment of our lives and having foundation issues is not a setback I imagined dealing with.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Yes there will be another inspection.

Our concrete guy said do NOT backfill without first floor joists in place, said it would probably be fine but never suggests it - for the situation that you are in now. We had 10" poured walls loaded with rebar. Framer didn't like it because he had to wait to work on porches but we were not taking any chances.

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What I know about construction could fit on the head of a pin, however, my husband read your post and he mentioned that you never want a cold joint in any concrete application, let alone a foundation. I'd get educated on that real fast, if I were you. Maybe there's a way to mitigate problems but you need to know what's involved.

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Our concrete guy said do NOT backfill without first floor joists in place

That's the general rule often broken with crossed fingers. (Or just too stupid to know better.) However, properly braced foundation walls can also be backfilled.


The cold joint on the OP's wall will be vertical and precautions should be taken.

Yes there will be another inspection.

There are literally thousands of building jurisdictions across the US and they don't operate in a uniform manner. Typically, construction is inspected by stages. I doubt any authority has a stage designated "after a repair during construction that we weren't told about."

I suggest that the OP contact the local building authority for their input. Or an engineer if there was one involved along the way. If there's no problem, a reputable builder won't get his back up.

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