Fresh garland on banister

bonnieann925December 21, 2010

In my quest to do less faux and "get real" I decided to do a fresh garland and 3 simple bows on the banister this year. I picked this up on my way home from work (impulse purchase) and found the bows in the basement. I've done real greens a few times on the mantle and the banister. It's so fragrant!

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BEAUTIFUL! I use mostly faux ... but have the RL Christmas tree...nothing beats the smell...but not good if you have allergies. Your banister is LOVELY! Nice work! Jeanne S.

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Very, very pretty. I used some fresh to make a "wreath" to go around my DR chandelier, but it didn't make it very long. Started dropping needles on the table. I'll probably collect some more cypress and holly sprigs tomorrow to put up there. The family really liked it decorated and it's so nice to have something fresh/real in the house.

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I love the way the fresh greenery makes the house smell. Your's looks lovely on the bannister--hope it lasts well for you. Luvs

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That is beautiful, and I wish some of that great pine smell could come thru our computers. I haven't had any real trees in many years. They are cut so early (Oct) and trucked in to Phoenix only to be half dead by Christmas.
And major fire hazards to say the least But I still miss
having a real one at times.
I tried a huge garland around my front door several years ago and had pine needles all over the porch and in my hall way as it decided to kick the bucket a week too soon. I think our air is just too darn dry at times.

Enjoy your lovely garland you lucky woman.
hugs, Karen

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Very, very pretty, and the bows are all it needed. I love the look of real greens too, but not the mess.

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Like all the others I love the smell and casual look of fresh greens but don't like the mess and fire hazard. My greens on our outside porch railings have a faux base and then layered with cypress cuttings for the fuller, Christmasy look - I will also add fresh greens to my outdoor wreaths but nothing inside. Bet your foyer smells really nice TFS ......


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Anyone have tips for removing the inevitable sap drops when you use real greens?

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I use a little turpentine.

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Bonnie, your garland looks lovely. I think you are smart to use cedar and hopefully cleanup will be easy. It looks nice the way you let it sway and added the red bows.


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