KOHLER Highbridge cast-iron bathtub

mowesterAugust 28, 2013

We are at the point to where we must decide on a bathtub.

Our criteria were: 60x32, soaking depth enough for an adult, cast-iron, known/trusted make, bath+shower / alcove installation.

It seems that KOHLER Highbridge K-877 fits the bill, though I have a hard time to find any reviews, pictures, installation details regarding this product (except the official site).

Does anyone have any experience with this tub?
I would appreciate tips, pictures

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I would say to sit in this tub. It is a bit short in the bottom dimensions. It looks a lot like the Bellwether k-875 because of the sloped front and back areas. The drain is forward from the typical placement of tub drains because of this and it probably will require careful consideration of tub filler selection. People have found that the Bellwether k-875 to be too short to sit comfortably in, the bottom dimension is 41.25" long. The Highbridge I see is 43.25" long or there abouts. Still on the short side in my view. The drawing shows that there is a 12" distance from the front edge of the tub to the drain center on both of these tubs.

I recommend sitting in it to see if you fit comfortably. If you find it too short, could a 66" tub work for you? The tub does look nice. And I love Kohler's cast iron. And remember you'll need a longer spout. See the Bellwether K-875 to compare to what you are looking at (not the Bellwether k-837, which is shallower and not as wide, but way long in the bottom at 48.75")

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