I want to make posters

teotikiMarch 14, 2012

Can anyone recommend free poster making software to download from the net. I used to have one by Broderbund but it doesn't work with W7 on my new computer.

Thanks for any suggestions


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Guess there aren't any suggestions so hopefully this will move down and out of everyone's way.

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Hi teotiki...This may be helpful. Check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: free online poster making software

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Sorry, Iris. I didn't read the info thoroughly. It's only a free trial offer. I made this correction right away and was surprised this morning to see that it never posted.

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Thanks abreeze I did check that one out before. I guess I'm gonna have to purchase one at Staples. I tried a trial one by
ronyasoft but when printing out the test poster it has a watermark so you have to purchase before it'll print without that on it. If I'm gonna purchase I'd sooner do that from a store.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

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