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teotikiMarch 28, 2012

I started having a problem with adobe flash player yesterday. I visit Hancock Wildlife Foundation to view the camera that watches our local Eagles. As of yesterday after clicking on the yellow marker that turns the black box into a view of the eagles nest all I see is the small black box. I'm on w7 64 bit using Firefox. When I tried on IE it's prompting me to download Adobe flash player. I have the latest version of AFP

I even uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled it but no luck... nothing pops up on Firefox to let me know what's wrong or what's needed. Has anyone had this problem or does anyone know what I can do?



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Be aware that there are separate versions of Flash for IE and the other browsers. Use the browser you wish to update for the download. Then you can use the other browser to download the update for that browser. Hope this is clear.

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Teotiki, totally off subject here and humble apologies but.........

Do you have a link for the Hancock eagles please? I am using the CBC site. They announced that the eagles have decided to move to a better neighbourhood this year.

The CBC site shows cameras at White Rock, Lafarge and Delta

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yes I have a link bookmarked. Let me know how to send it to you and I will


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Actually Iris after getting all excited and requesting the link I put my brain in gear went to my friends at Google and found the Hancock site with black screens. So perhaps the CBC is right, I'll have to contend with the other sites this year. Thanks for the offer anyway. Try the CBC link for the other 3 nests in BC.

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owbist glad you found the site. I checked out your link to CBC and none of the black screens will open for me. I've also checked out IE again and I can get them to open there now. Some setting on firefox is stopping the black screen from opening.
Guess further checking tomorrow will be necessary tomorrow. Enjoy the Eagles

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Iris Adobe Flash Player is the latest version. If you right click on the black are where the video would normally show you will get a pop up showing which version you have. I realise you stated you had the most recent version in your original post.

This is the update site for Adobe Flash if you are not up to date. BE SURE to remove the check mark where it suggests installing McAfee too - unless you want McAfeee of course.

Are you able to view the nests on the CBC site? Again this morning I too am only getting a black screen at the Hancock site.

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I have the version you mentioned in your last post. It has to be something with Firefox cause I can see the eagles with IE. I did check out your link to CBC on Firefox and couldn't see them either. Guess I need to do some more checking either that or roll back a couple of days to before Firefox updated and this problem began. Going to check out CBC eagles on IE now.

Thanks for trying to help


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I dont use firefox on a daily basis but did for something right after the last flash update. Somehing flash .. diddnt work right.

I quickly used the Adobe flash uninstaller tool, then uninstalled Firefox too, just because its so easy, followed by a reboot before reinstalling flash's & firefox again. Worked.

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I've uninstalled firefox and installed it again. I've unstalled AFP from the control panel installed again then learned of the uninstall tool for AFP so did it that way and then installed AFP again...all to no avail.for some reason unknown to me it just plain won't work on the eagles site yet it'll play you tube stuff just fine and they both use the same player. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Iris you never defined which nest you were concerned over and I presumed it was the Sidney nest. Is so check this thread on the Hancock forum which states the birds have created a new nest elsewhere as I had noted before. The item I read was the top post on page 67, linked above.

On this hacockwildlife.org site all cameras are working on both Firefox and Opera except for the Delta nest 2 and the Chehalis fish hatchery

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