What size vanity for 40" space?

rebecca3142August 1, 2014

I am ordering this vanity for my powder room. It comes in 30 or 36 inches. What would look better with a 40 inch space? Thanks!

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If the space is an alcove, I would go with the 30" so you have 5" on each side. If your area pays attention to code you are supposed to have 4" minimum for access for cleaning and for retrieval of objects. This is open so the need isn't there technically, but as a free standing piece I think a bit of visual breathing room would be good, too.

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It really depends on the shape of the room and what other design elements it will contain. But I think palimpsest has the right of it; if tucked between two walls go with the 30 inch. It is a gorgeous sink, by the way.

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Yes, it is in between two walls. I was leaning towards the 30" for breathing room. Good to know about the possible code issue. Thanks for the help!

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