miele wall ovens purchased in last 2 years

shepardfoxJuly 29, 2013

Looking for feedback on Miele wall ovens purchased in the last 2 years. Thinking of putting this brand in a newly renovated kitchen.

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i have Miele double ovens, about 1 yr old. love them! i love the features - just MAKE SURE you vent the cabinet or the fan will whistle.

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As you can see I'm a fan. The main oven is brand new, the speed oven is one generation old, the steam oven is 2 generations old if you consider the combi-steam the latest.

Once you get the user interface it is fine. Many complain that it is not as simple as dialing a knob, but I can type an exact temperature (321 degrees) and it goes there. Gives me a lot of confidence. These are precision instruments. There have been some problems with Miele regular ovens getting to temp in the past, but I don't think it was a pandemic. I really only need the larger oven for larger things. The speed oven heats up on convection very fast, as fast as my Breville toaster oven, but results are more even and consistent. While I agree that matching appliances is not the best in terms of function, my wife did not agree, so no gaggeneu steam or wolf regular oven to match the speed. I don't think I sacrificed all that much sticking with just Miele.

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