How to choose a bathtub length?

auroraborelisAugust 22, 2012

My DH would like a tub that is 6' long, but all the long tubs I have been in aren't comfortable for me as I am 5'7" and if my feet to reach the end I just slide down into the water and all I can do is "float" as if I was in a pool!

Are there any tubs that solve this problem, that are perhaps more narrow at the bottom and wider at the top?

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Have you tried a 66" tub? That could possibly be long enough for DH but not too long for you. The other possible solution is to let the person who uses a tub the most decide on the length for the master and put in a longer or short tub in an adjacent hall bath for the times when the other bather wishes a tub.

No matter what tub you put in a master, the shower will get at least 80% of the bathing use, so that's where to make sure you've optimized usage for both height occupants with a hand shower on a sliding bar.

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I was going to go with the 66' tub, but DH is still asking for a longer one, so I'm just curious if anyone has come across a good tub that works for both. I'm thinking if the top was wider but there was still a place at about 66' for me to put my feet it would work. Does that make sense? I wish there were more places I could go sit in the tubs to "test them out" but so few places carry an assortment of tubs...

We do have a rather large bathroom (we are building a new home) so we will have a seperate tub and double walk in shower, so we aren't concerned about that side of things.

I'm looking for a deep soaker tub, though, I don't need air jets or anything like that.

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Please do not be fooled by the external dimension of a tub! Look at the internal dimension. All the websites provide these dimensions for your perusal. When sitting down on the floor, measure from your back to your heel, and you'll know the minimum length of the bottom of the tub you'll need.

To give an example, the Kohler Portrait 5'5" tub has a 50" bottom whereas the Bain Ultra Meridian 5'5" tub has a 42 3/8" bottom. Go figure.

It all has to do with the styling of the tub, the back angles, etc.

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Inside dimensions! I didn't even think of that!

Thanks so much!

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Is 7' outside dimensions enough space for a 6' tub (drop in surrounded by windows)?

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Yes it is. We have the Kohler Purist oval tub. It's roughly 6' at the top and 5'-5'5" on the bottom. I'm 5'4" and DH is 5'8" tall so it is perfect for us. DS1 is 6' tall and has no problems at all with it when he uses it as the tub is so deep. Getting a deeper tub may just be the solution. That way your DH can stretch out and still stay submersed.

My parents have the Bain Ultra Meridien in the oval shape at 6' long and it is way too long for me--I slide down and float up in it. It's a workout just to stay in place.

Another thought is a foot rest in the tub. I know Kohler makes one and some Bain Ultra models have them too. That may be another solution for when you use the tub if you end up with a super long bottomed tub.

Hope this helps!

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That really does help! So much about bathtubs that I never thought of!

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