voices from computer

abbey_cnyMarch 12, 2014

This problem just started today. I can hear voices (very quiet) from my computer. Increasing the volume doesn't make them louder but I can get rid of them by turning the volume off. SInce they are barely audible I cannot trace them to particular tv or radio station) I do have a wifi connection (Password protected). What would be causing this? I can keep the volume off most of the time but I am curious what might be causing this?


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Have you re-booted the computer? Does this only happen when you have a web page open?

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It is no doubt a pop up or an advert running with audio or a advert clip, that you are unaware of.

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thanks for that info. I do have firefox with the appropriate add ons so I shouldn't be getting advertisements or pop-ups. But I suppose it is possible. I am not hearing anything today so hopefully it was temporary whatever it was. I will reboot to make sure.


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My dad was a ham radio guy.
His radio voice at times would broadcast on my pc speakers. Not loud like a normal volume would be, best I can remember.
I never could stop it. Tried different simple things. But it really wasn't annoying so I didn't go crazy trying to eliminate it.

See any radio towers on neighbor homes ?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I have a pair of Acer USB powered speakers that eventually I learned to keep my cell phone away from. They aren't voices though, just squealing noises whenever the phone "calls home?".

Have you scanned for malware to rule out that possibility?

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Abbey if you are still here this is a shot in the dark.

With your WiFi, how close is the router to your computer?

I ask as I have a 4G LTE provider with my router on top of the bookcase for my computer desk. The left speaker use to be right next to it. I had to move the speaker down onto the floor in the rear of the leg-well due to some mighty strange noises coming from the speaker. Nothing unusual with the right speaker, and I never had the concern with a 3G system. Maybe, just maybe.


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