Please recommend a good undersink filtration system

boone_2009July 18, 2013

We need to buy our undersink water filtration system( for cold water only and not a reverse osmosis) and dispenser faucet *asap*.

We've considered Everpure, Aquapure, Insinkerator, GE ( almost everything we see in stores and online! ) and now have serious decision fatigue after reading and re-reading tons of reviews online for all sorts of brands.

Please give us your recommendations based on your own personal experiences ( we've never had a filtration system before).

Thanks, all!

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I have had a Doulton filter for 10 years and love it so much that I'm absolutely taking it with me to my next house!

The filters are cleanable so that you don't need to constantly buy new ones.

I also have the portable stainless steel "Doulton Mini" filter that I take with me while traveling. It uses the same type of cartridge (ceramic).

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Meant to add: This is the one that I have

and this is the faucet I chose (the chrome one)

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Wow! Thank you so much, Helena2013 :-) :-)

I'd never even heard of Doulton until now - I've bookmarked that site. Love the faucet, too!

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We got this system from Costco a few month ago and are very happy with it. We previously had the PUR filter attached to the faucet, but it started to fall off frequently. The water pressure and taste is much better with this unit and the price is very reasonable. So far, we love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Premier Filtration System

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Thanks, looser.
We also have the PUR filter attached to our current faucet ; have had no problems with it except for the fact that we have to change filters quite often and the pressure was low.
Our new faucet won't allow such a device, though.
I'll check out your recommendation at Costco :-).

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Our local Costco did not have this unit in stock, only the RO version. We ordered it online and it arrived within a few days. It comes with replacement filters for one year. So far, we have not had any loss of water pressure.
Good luck with your shopping!

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We stil haven't purchased a water filter - had to attend to a semi-emergency ( kitchen-demo- related) and this went to the back burner ( ha! ha!) until now.

In case we don't buy the filtration system now but would like to have that option for later, what diameter hole should I ask the countertop fabricator to drill, for a future cold water filtration faucet? I asked earlier in a thread on the Kitchen Forum and someone suggested I could always put some sort of sealing ring around it if the hole turned out to be too big for the filtration faucet.

Thanks a lot!

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