Bosch Dishwasher wont drain after wash

ddzcJuly 20, 2011

Model Number: SHX68M05UC /46 Brand: Bosch Age: 1 - 5 years

Hey everyone,

The water remains on the bottom of the dishwasher after each run. I cleaned the water out and cleaned the junk in the filters and such, re-ran the dishwasher and it clogged up again, wouldn't drain.

I want to pull it out and inspect everything, but the front hose is holding it in. Picture here:

Does anyone know exactly what this hose is used for? I'm in a condo and I don't have a main water valve. I shut off the water valve for everything under the sink which I thought runs to the dishwaser but the water keeps running with the valve I don't want to remove this hose until the water is completely shut off...not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions?


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I also tried cleaning everything...followed this video:

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After the filter -- which you said you've already done -- next place I'd look at is the drain hose, especially at the point it connects to the drain under the sink. Easy to disconnect and examine. Look at the hose for kinks and look into the discharge outlet for obstructions. Leave the hose-end out and get a bucket big enough to allow fill/drain from the DW. Allow single fill/drain to empty into the bucket. Suspect you'll learn lots in just a few minutes.

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