Mirabelle Edenton quality issues - buyers beware

fb1981August 13, 2012

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my experience with the Mirabelle Edenton tub from Ferguson with all of you guys.

Several months ago, I started a full gut and remodel of my bathroom. I selected the Mirabelle Edenton tub in a 60x30x20 soaking tub size - I loved (and still love) the aesthetics of it, and the price seemed reasonable.

After the contractor installed it, I discovered some problems - the tub is slightly warped, with the top edge not being parallel with the bottom of the tub. There is also a ~1/4" tall raised lump in one corner of the tub. The contractor tried to adjust it, but basically either the top or the bottom of the tub are out of level depending on the install due to the distortion in the tub. When the top is out of level, water that splashes on the edge during showers flows out and floods the floor. When the top is level, water pools in one corner of the tub that is lower than the drain, and the tub never drains fully.

I thought it might be a bad install, so after some talk with both my contractor and Ferguson, we ordered a new tub to install. Upon inspecting the new tub at the warehouse, we discovered all of the same exact issues with the new tub as with the old tub. We recently received a third tub, which had different but still substantial problems. A fourth tub is on its way.

From talking with Ferguson/Mirabelle, it would appear that they recently changed the mold for this tub and that they are having issues with this tub. It's not clear to me whether they are letting new customers know about this or if they are still shipping them which is why I figured I'd share my experience here.

The problems are subtle, yet they result in very real problems that may become apparent only after the tub is installed (as is my situation). I'm now stuck in a situation where I've been waiting to finish my bathroom for a long time, and I am facing substantial reworks to my project. It is still not clear who will pay for the rework.

So, if you're considering a Mirabelle Edenton tub, I would suggest inspecting it very closely before accepting delivery. Our current approach is to level the tub in the warehouse, and pour colored liquid into it to see if the water pools anywhere. Also, pour colored liquid on the upper edges of the tub to make sure water flows back into the tub and not over the edge.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I have an Edenton tub from Ferguson on the way. Do you know if all sizes are affected by the issue? I ordered the 36 x 72 last week.

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I don't have any experience with the other sizes, so I don't know if this is a general quality issue with the product, or a mishap with the size I got (30x60).

I'd say have a really close look at it before accepting delivery... You don't want to install it and then find the problems like I did.

On the plus side, Ferguson has been helpful with trying to find a replacement that works, so at least the customer service is good.

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I didn't notice any mold issues with my air bath. I see a subtle curvature in the skirt of mine, but nothing that bothers me in the least. I don't have any bombs. The only problem I had was that the company does a terrible job packing the tubs and mine was damaged during transit. I heard from the delivery person that there are often problems with the way the alcove tubs are packed. I had a slight crack in the tile flange that was easily repairable and hidden by the tile. Because I wasn't using it as a shower, I had my contractor fix the crack in the tile flange before tiling, and Ferguson gave me a $500 discount (brining the tub down to about $1.3K). And after I removed the blue film there were two hairline cracks that you could barely see (obviously from the same poor packaging). I called Ferguson, and they sent someone out under warranty two days later who fixed it free of charge and you cannot even tell. Since then (i.e., since my bathroom has been finished), I haven't noticed any problems at all. I didn't have the luxury of time to wait for another tub because everything else would have had to wait. If I had had a shower application, I would've waited.

I'm always reluctant to generalize about problems because most of the time only people with problems complain (as they should), but those without problems rarely go out of their way looking to post positive reviews. But if Ferguson has had problems with the tubs, I'm sure they'll fix whatever it is and stay by it since it's their product line.

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I was planning on a 72" x 36". Any further experiences with this tub?

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Hey guys,

Here's an update on the Mirabelle bathtub situation.

First of all it took 3 months and more than 30 bathtubs for them to find a replacement for me. They went to their warehouses and back to the factory in Texas and all of the bathtubs they inspected had the same or similar problems. We only saw about 5 of them ourselves, and they all had subtle but serious warpage issues and inconsistencies. Sometimes it was just a minor aesthetic problem, but in almost all cases the tubs would not drain properly when level.

When we finally got a decent replacement tub, my contractor installed it (which involved ripping out and re-doing a large chunk of my brand new bathroom. ugh.) The new tub turned out to be .5" wider than the old tub. It's mind blowing to me how there could be so much variation in the same exact model tub. As a result they had to do a lot of work to adjust the tile around the new tub, and it generally feels like a compromise.

So basically this choice of bathtub created no end of grief in my life over the past few months. If I've learned one thing, it's that quality control is completely lacking in the Mirabelle products and I would avoid them in the future.

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My name is Noelle and I am with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery's headquarters in Newport News, Virginia. We wanted to offer more information about Mirabelle and, specifically, our Edenton soaking tub that is referenced in this discussion thread. Mirabelle is a bath and kitchen brand exclusive to our Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Gallery showrooms, and is modeled to exacting standards by makers of fine fixtures and accessories in the U.S. and around the world. All Mirabelle bathing products, including the Edenton tub, carry a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of the first consumer purchase. We work closely with our customers to resolve issues quickly and ensure a positive customer experience with our products.

The Mirabelle Edenton Tub has a very modern, contemporary design with a very flat bottom, large flat horizontal/vertical surfaces, and tight radii. This type of design requires very precise, level installation to prevent water pooling in the bottom corners near the drain. It was discovered in August 2012 that variances were resulting in a number of cases where the tub was holding water. Corrective actions were taken at that time to allow more flexibility in installation. While these corrective actions eliminated most of the water retention issues, it was later found that some tubs were still holding water.

Temporary actions have been taken to further improve the drainage of the Edenton models and better accommodate most installation variations. In January 2013, modifications were made to the molds/fixtures to increase drain slope, which further addressed the issue.

All Edenton bathing models have been addressed, and every tub is water tested prior to packaging to insure proper drainage. It should be noted that the surface tension of the Acrylic surface will result in small beads of water (~1 tablespoon) remaining on the surface. This effect will reduce over time as the surface tension decreases with ongoing use.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide additional insight on the Edenton soaking tub. We look forward to serving you in a Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Gallery showroom in the near future.

All the best,

Noelle R.
Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery

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I bought a Edenton on 2/1/13 and I am having the exact same issue with this tub as Fb1981 had. After spending my entire weekend putting the thing in I found water pooling in one corner. Really wish I would have found this post BEFORE I bought the thing.

I would highly recommended NOT buying the Edenton. In fact you would probably be much happier if you avoid Mirabelle tubs all together. You might think after Noelle's post about a "mold/fixture modification" that the issue has been resolved. But as of 2/11/13 I can guarantee you its not.

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I just had a different Mirabelle tub put in (Bradenton) which fits nicely and seems well made - and far more comfortable to bathe in than the Edenton IMO. Mirabelle is a Ferguson house brand - mine's made by Clarke though it doesn't seem to be sold under their own brand name, and I'm not sure if the Edenton is made by the same company. My only real complaint with Ferguson regarding my tub selection was that every one of the five showrooms within an hour drive had the same tubs on display - all had the Bradenton, most the Edenton, and none had the Provincetown that looks nice in the brochure but didn't buy because I couldn't try it out in person. They should vary what's on display from one showroom to the next so potential customers can see them all.

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Mine drains correctly and (I suppose) was installed correctly. I wouldn't limit the criticism to the tub manufacturer.

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I am sooo glad I found this! I was 1 week away from buying this tub at Ferguson.

Well, back to the search!

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People don't generally post rave reviews of things; they post complaints. So keep that in mind. I have no dog in the fight, but I also know that Ferguson stands by their products and had someone out in a day to fix mine (and gave me $500 off of the price because I couldn't afford to wait for a new one to be delivered). If you have issues, I'm sure they'll be resolved quickly as the poster on one of the other threads and I have experienced.

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Here's a photo of the tub - I saw it last week when I went to Ferguson's - KevinMP is so right about the space in the tub.

It may measure 60x32 but it feels much bigger in side than many tubs I sat in that were 66x32.

It may be worth taking a chance - I'm still finalizing my floor plan. I also found some great freestanding tubs my Maax but they were all 66" and I'm not sure it they'll use up too much space.

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My Builder has used his plumber to set my new tub mirabelle from Fergusons to my knowledge they set the tub but never used any mortar to set it in a huge mistake. I brought it to his attention and he told me they dont need it and they dont do that anymore. I had seen it on the installation paper that it was Important. I had to show the builder what he should have read. Being his supplier was selling it. There are alot of things hes not doing correctly. One must stay on their builder to make sure things get done and done correctly. Im just hoping that I dont have trouble with my tub. For 1 it needs to be reset, and if didnt read any install instructions will it drain properly? I guess we will have to revisit this site and repost the outcome.
Thanks for the info.
Frank P

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We are having similar issues with our Mirabelle Edenton tub, which was purchased 1/2014 and installed 6/2014. The inner ledge of the tub is not level, despite the rest of the tub being level, and thus water collects there. The inside of the tub is not regular--there are several bulges that are noticeable to the touch, and once you have felt them, they are noticeable to the eye. I regret that we did not inspect the tub more carefully when it arrived.

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Shopping for an acrylic alcove tub right now. Thank you for all the information. Our plumber suggests Aker by Maax products however, they don't seem to have a standard size tub that is a little deeper than normal. Don't want anything over 20 inches....any recommendations?

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Monrovia Mom

We purchased Americh (Nadia) -- however it is 22 inches high.

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Joseph Corlett, LLC

And who's paying the contractors for all their wasted time?

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