Two Christmas 'scores' at Michaels

PurplemoonDecember 13, 2013

I went to Michaels this afternoon, for a specific thing (those little photo ornament frames, on sale 3 for $10).
Of course I just had to walk around and look at all the Christmas stuff that was 70 % off already. I've been
wanting a white robed Santa and they had ONE. HIs original price, $40. Sale price $12!! (I'd still like to someday find a much larger one in white too.). Then on the next aisle was a pretty Nativity set that was priced at $50. The sale covered it too, and I paid $15. Woooo Hooo! I couldn't believe what a bargain this was!! Wow.
They had about a dozen boxes of these Nativities, bet they'll all be gone by the time the weekend is over!

hugs, Karen

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You keep finding the most beautiful Santas, purplemoon. This one looks like he could pass for Father Time if you found a little hourglass to put in his hand.
I love him. Nice work.

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Michaels always seems to get in lovely Santa's in this 16"-17" size. But for the 2 ft and over, they don't get any of those it seems. My DD has a gorgeous one I lust over, and told her if she ever sees another while out shopping various stores, to let me know. He's around 27" high. Then my "Santa Collection" (or want list of them) will be complete. :o)

Oh, on the Nativity.....Joseph and the standing Wise Men are 7" high. Its a pretty nice sized set I think, and the painting is done good too. I sure found impossible to resist at that price!

Here's my daughter's 2 ft one I love.
hugs, Karen

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I love your white Santa,
what a bargain.
Your daughter's is lovely too they are so elegant.
You really scored on the nativity too. How many do you have?
I have two. I gave one to each of my children the first Christmas they moved into their own places.

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Karen, I have your twin santa from Michaels. Love your new nativity scene. Great scores on both! DD's lg santa is so cool. Thanks for sharing with us.


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WOW, what a buy! My DD said she got a beautiful wreath from Michaels at 70% off also. I am done decorating or I would check it out....might anyway....surely I can stick something somewhere~~ Enjoy!

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Wow Karen..your two scores are Beautiful!
What a buy for the Santa and the pieces of the
Nativity seem like a nice size too. It's nice that they are
painted well too..that makes all the difference.
I agree that your DD's is very nice and such an impressive size too!
Have fun and enjoy your goodies!

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Of course, you have to walk the aisles ... well, how else would you hear those 2 items calling to you if you just got your frames &went to check-out! LOL! Adorable Santa ... yes, like Father Time & the Nativity set looks lovely...looks like 'pearly' paint colors. I would 'snatch' that Santa from you DD when she's out to lunch or something! ;-) TFS, PM. Jeanne S.

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That white Santa is so pretty, and the nativity is lovely!

I have at least one nativity set in every room and some have more than one. Otherwise I might be tempted to go get one too, LOL

Our 2 oldest DGK's just got here from San Diego for a week long visit.

Congrats on your fab buys! It always feels so good to get a great buy on something you love!!


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