Dollbaby Dining Room Christmas Decor (pic heavy)

jeannespinesDecember 7, 2012

Got Dollbaby all 'dolled up' for Christmas this she is ready to celebrate the holidays ...dressed in my very old 'tap dancing outfit' handmade by my Mom many yrs ago!

Do we look alike? (the outfit is a little big but we make it work) LOL!

For Dollbaby's tray'scape, I bring out this Nativity set ...gifted from my Mom & Dad many yrs ago when they were Winter Texans & brought us back gifts from Mexico. I love it ...reminds me of the 'Precious Moments' children. Hey, Dollbaby is also wearing my 'shoes' from my cedar chest:

Dining table got an Angel centerpc today, too:

Closer view:

Here's a look at the buffet now:

Tis the Season ... have a great weekend! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Another view of the buffet ... PBucket is giving me fits tonight ...slow.w.w.w.

Vine tree is lookin' good ...I shared pics in my other Christmas tree post the other day...

Have a great weekend! Jeanne S.

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Love the tap dancing pic of you! So cute and so cool that you still have the outfit to dress up your baby.

Your vine tree looks elegant.

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Dollbaby looks adorable in your tap dancing outfit.
She looks so proud that you let her touch your Nativity.
It is so sweet.
The vine tree is perfect for your dining room.

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never get tired of seeing Babydoll all dressed up for the holidays - really love the vine tree. As usual I really enjoy looking at all your decorating .....


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Jeanne, Dollbaby is cute as ever in her/your Christmas
outfit and shoes. Love her little nativity set too.
Your DR is beautifu with everything lit up. Neat angel
you found to add this year to your table cp. Always Love
your vine tree all decorated and lit up.


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Very sweet.

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DollBaby, and your vine tree....two of my VERY favorite things to see all thru the year.

You must be about done and can sit back and enjoy all your hard work?

You do such sweet vignettes!
hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Wow Jeanne...Dollbaby is all dolled up! How cool is it that the outfit was yours?! LOVE it! And the little Nativity set is perfect for her high chair. Everything looks so pretty at your house....very inviting!

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Thanks, Holiday-ers ...I'm about done 'inside' the house the porch still has a long ways to go ...but I'm getting there...a few framed works to change out yet.

Dollbaby does seem happy this time of the yr (her outfit is kept in my cedar chest)...she was so pouty this Summer when she didn't get to wear her baseball sweater! Oh well, maybe she'll wear it this Winter yet! ;-) Dollbaby has her own little 'chest' of clothes & some of her 'toys' had to be put in one of those 12x12x12 canvas I'm not shopping too much for her until she decides it's OK to donate once in a while! LOL! Jeanne S.

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This is always so cute and I just love that you have the picture of you in the outfit too!

Everything is looking lovely and festive as usual.
The little sheep are so cute next to that picture (no BAA Humbug there, LOL) and your vine tree is always a fav.


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