Handheld ONLY or Fixed Shower Head too?

pbx2_gwAugust 26, 2012

We have 2 secondary upstairs bathrooms in our new build.

No dogs.

1 kid on the way.

BR1 has tub.

BR2 has neo-angled shower.

Is Handheld (with slider bar) ONLY - sufficient in each of the bathrooms or do we need a Fixed Shower Head too?

BR1 for sure will also have a tub spout.

Would love to hear pros & cons. Thanks.

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I don't think you need a fixed shower head. In our shower we are planning a fixed and handheld because it is large enough for 2 people to shower at one time. So, having 2 heads would be handy. It is were only really large enough one person, one would be enough and it wouldn't have to be fixed. The handheld allows for easier shower wall cleaning too.

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The last 3 showers I've redone have had just a handheld on a bar. I don't see a need for a separate fixed showerhead unless you really want a rainshower for that particular feeling. Otherwise, just the handheld is fine.

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thanks all for the feedback.
It seems I can also save some money & not have to buy a diverter with a handheld on sliderbar setup just taking the place of a shower head.

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We have used only a Hansgrohe handheld on slide bar in the last 2 showers we built and have been very happy with the water pressure and the height adjustability.

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Excellent user experience. Thanks kaysd.

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We're finishing our bath remodels, and we opted to go with just the handheld on slide bars - and no regrets at all. The fixed head didn't make any sense for us, as we can adjust the showerhead wherever we wish on the bar. Just make sure the bar is mounted high enough...

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