My DD's Blue, Silver and white Christmas tree

judithvaDecember 24, 2010

Since I am still sanding my walls from the remodel, I can't put up a tree (way too much sanding dust). So this year my DD is hosting Christmas at her apt. These are a few pics of her tree which she decorated herself and her stacking plates.

I hope every ones Christmas is wonderful! In the meantime I am back to cooking cookies for tomorrow.

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oh my - that is gorgeous - she certainly takes after her mother - beautiful .....


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Wow. That looks professionally done. I've always wanted to have enough never to use those pics on my tree, but I can't seem to get up enough nerve to try it.

May I ask how you got the background lights in the stacked plates picture to show up as little round dots?

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Lynne, thank you. My DD has watched me do my tree for years, so it has rubbed off on her LOL. Actually she is even more precise than I am! She always wanted a blue and silver tree so she started collecting blue and silver ornies last year. Previously she did her tree ornies in cream and gold that I had bought her over the past 10 years, but she wanted a change. It is fun for me to see since I don't have any blue ornies (I have no more room in my home for another color theme, so I am really enjoying her tree.

oldalgebra, thank you, she will be pleased to "hear" that you all like her tree. The picks are fun to use. She just took apart the original pick into 4-6 smaller picks, rewrapped them with floral wrap and placed them thru her tree, it saves alot of money.

As for your question on the blurred circle background lights..., in photography it is called "bokeh".
Hopefully I can explain it without being too confusing..
I have a digital camera that I can switch lens with. In my case I used the 50mm 1.8 lens. I chose the apeture of f/2.0 When you choose this large apeture and focus on a close object like the stacking plates, whatever is behind the focused object will blurr out, and when there are lights involved as in the tree lights they blur out with that soft dot/circle like shape, giving you the effect called bokeh.
I hope that makes sense. :)

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Very nice, I like those colors a lot. An elegant look. You have taught her well! And the tiered plates are such a pretty compliment to the tree. I am just starting to notice the picks in trees, it really does add something, doesn't it?


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Wow, that is stunning! It's wintery yet cozy at the same time. I'm not sure what the "picks" are but these photos are amazing. The stacking plates are so simple and clean looking. She could arrange for magazine shoots!

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Pat, I love the colors too, the silver is very elegant, but the blue is very soothing. The tree is really so much prettier in person, I could not quite capture how it really looks with my camera. The picks are fun, I think it adds that final "jewelry" touch to the tree.

maymo, the "picks" are the blue beaded "projections" coming out from a few of the tips of the branches. You can see them best in photo #4 sticking out from the branches.
She keeps her stacking plates much simpler and stream lined than I do....I tend to "load-em up", but that is the fun of decorating, everyone has their own preference for things.

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I'm neither a huge fan of blue nor Christmas trees but this & the stacking plates are stunning! I keep scrolling back to the photos again & again.

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Judith, it's nice having you post with us here on Christmas Eve. So glad your daughter lives close by and you can at least enjoy her pretty decorations this year while your's have to remain in storage. Her tree and the stacked plates look lovely and the color combination is lovely. I sure hope you will be able to join in here allot more often in the new year. Merry Christmas. Luvs

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antiquesilver, thank you for your nice comments on my DD's tree she will be so pleased that she won over someone one who doesn't care for blue or xmas trees, a real complement to her!
I will have fun later today when I go to her home and tell her how much everyone likes her decorations.

Luvs, thank you, I know I am not around much, I've been pretty busy with work and then the remodel at home, not to mention all the yard work that Fall and winter brings UGH
I am glad you like her tree too, she is going to be so happy when I tell her that her tree is liked by all you great folks. Luvs, I hope your Christmas day and the rest of the holiday are great for you and your family.

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Oh, NOW I see the picks! So pretty!

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That made PERFECT sense. I went right to the cupboard where I keep my camera, set it up like you suggested, pointed it at our Christmas tree, put my index finger in front of the lens, focused on the finger and snapped the picture. What did I get??? A perfectly focused picture of my finger and little yellow dots for Christmas tree lights. Ooooooo. Can't wait to put this to use.
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the method at such a busy time.

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Wow, it's fabulous!

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Well, I am back from my DD's, and I am stuffed, I always swear I will not overdo it, but I go ahead and do it anyway. Oh well, this special holiday only comes one time a year and I am enjoying it.

I told my DD everything you all said and she was very happy you all liked her efforts, she says thanks!

Maymo, LOL, I know, you sort of have to look for them with everything else going on in the tree:) My DD only used picks like this for the first time this year so she was not too sure about it, I think it takes awhile to get used to doing something different on a tree.

oldalgebra, Oh good, I was just thinking about you on my drive home, I was afraid I had not explained it very well (I do so much better getting things across to people in-real-life LOL. People on Flickr devote whole groups and forums to taking these kinds of photos. :) I know you'll have lots of fun with this technique.

Peoniesandposies, thank you for your nice comment I will pass it along to my DD. :)

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Judith, even without reading who's tree it was, I could tell who was the "influence". Your daughter certainly captured the beauty and elegance you've always brought to your trees. You must be quite proud. ;o) I have long loved your loaded stacked plates, but her's have a wonderful appeal too with their simplicity. I think using those blue and silver colors make a real statement by themselves.

I'm sorry you weren't able to bring out your gorgeous things, but next year I expect we will all see a huge Judith Christmas Feast for the Eyes! Plus you'll be enjoying getting to decorate all the new remodeled spaces.
What fun. I hope your hard work will soon be over and you can start to relax and enjoy it.

I'm adding your DD's tree and plate stack to our Inspiration albums. They are just lovely.
hugs, Karen

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Hi Karen, Ah, you are always so sweet! Well, I think she did not have much choice...I guess I brainwashed her LOL.
Actually, she doesn't use as much as I do, she pared it down to "just enough" for her. I really like her pared down simplicity (compaired to my "it's never enough" look). She probably has it exactly right. LOL
She will be pleased to be included in your inspiration album!

Yep, next year is going to be killer. Taking out that third bedroom and knocking down the kitchen walls has really made a big difference, everything is more open. It gives me much more room for decorating, and even the practical things I desired for my kitchen; like MORE cooking elbow room LOL.

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What a strikingly beautiful tree.

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So very lovely! Tks for sharing.

The acorn didn't fall far from the tree. ;-)


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Yes, GORGEOUS! I also love your DD's elegant tree, stacked plates & the "just enough" for her look. Good luck with your continuing progress of change in your home. TFS, judith. Jeanne S.

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nana, thank you, she really appreciates all the nice comments.

Jim, how nice to hear from you! She has been doing her own tree for a few years, she has it down pat now, I problably could learn a thing or 2 from her LOL

jeannespine, thank you too, she is going to enjoy hearing about all these wonderful comments (she doesn't have an internet connection at home, so I will pass on all the great comments to her.
I hope to get the sanding and priming finished soon, we were snowed in the day after Christmas, snow doesn't happen too much here, let alone the 10"-15" we got this time, so as soon as it all melts I am off to Lowes for some more equipment. :)

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This is such a beautiful tree your DD put together. I was thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so had to laugh when I read Jims post "The acorn didn't fall far from the tree".

What pretty ornaments and I love the picks DD added. The tree skirt is so wonderful with the shimmer it has.

I can hardly wait to see all your beautiful decorations next Christmas. Hope you finish all your remodeling soon as I know it's hard to live with so much going on during construction.


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