Bathroom layout... thoughts?

vogt0047August 11, 2012

We are purchasing a new home (1918 farmhouse) that needs a total remodel of the bathroom. It currently has a clawfoot tub that we will refinish and keep but the rest is a blank slate. It has no shower in it now and hubby only takes showers. This is what I have so far for a layout. Any suggestions or ideas on this layout. Did I leave enough room for getting in and out of the tub? I'm working on scaling down a pic of the current room and I'll post that soon too.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Here is a photo of the bathroom currently. The tub is where we would like to put the vanity and linen tower. The wall where the pocket door would be put in will be removed due to extensive sheetrock damage. The subfloor and possibly the base will be pulled up so plumbing isn't too big of an issue.

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I would consider keeping your tub where it is, and putting the vanity where you've drawn the tub. It will give you better clearances, and you will be able to have a full height (or as tall as you and hubby) mirror over the vanity. As is, it appears that you have a knee wall at the current tub wall new vanity wall and so that probably isn't enough height to get you a wall for a mirror above the vanity.

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I'm confused. What is the current layout in relation to the new layout, and on which wall is the pitched ceiling? I'm also concerned about code. Ordinarily you need more than 21" along the access side of a tub.

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Thanks for the replies!

The pitched ceiling is the wall on the drawing that contains the vanity and linen tower. The height of the wall where it meets the ceiling is 70". The wall tile squares are 6" each. I'm very short so the mirror will be low and our vanity will be lower as well. We plan to repurpose an antique buffet or console table and use a vessel sink. Would this be enough height for a vanity of this type and small mirror?

My main reasoning behind moving the tub was the view we have from the house. This window overlooks a small private lake and is such a great view I wanted to relax looking out.

I did draw a large shower in at 36x48 and could take some off the shower for more room near the tub. I drew it at 21" because that is code for bathroom clearance in MN. Hubby was already happy as we have a 32x32 right now so anything larger than that he said he would be happy with.

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