GulfportGailDecember 1, 2012

I FINALLY got my staircase finished today.
I plan on adding 'bling' next year.

As you can see, the staircase is another unfinished project.
The son left all the materials to finish.
This is planned as our first project after the first of the new year.

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Photo #2

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Gail, I want to come and live with you in that big beautiful home of yours.LOL The staircase is beautiful and I love the tree in the center at the top of the stairs. I can't imagine what it costs to heat this gorgeous home in the winter months.ouch!

I have a friend with a 12000 sq ft home and when I first went there I got lost.LOL They even have two tunnels going out from the basement level. I've learned my way around and it doesn't seem so bad now but it was funny to start with.


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Thank you very much.
Come on down....we would love to have company.

The utilities are actually not much for a house this size.
We questioned the builder's son on several occasions because we knew we couldn't afford a high utility bill.
He assured us his Dad had incorporated numerous energy-efficient features in our home.
There are four AC units...two for upstairs, two for downstairs.
The heating is some type aquatherm works off the hot water somehow. ???
We live in the HOT deep south.
Our highest power bill this summer was around $300.
Last month was $207.
I've lived in an 800 sq/ft mobile home that the utilities were more.

LOL getting lost in your friend's home.
I got turned around a couple times myself in the beginning.

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Gotta tell you something funny.
My honey was reading over my shoulder as I was posting this.
I'm sitting here in shorts and barefoot with a window open having a 'power surge.'
He is bundled up in jeans, socks and a blanket.
He said, "Tell her it ain't gonna cost nothin' to heat this won't let me turn the heater on.'

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LOL! shorts vs. jeans/blankie!

I see 'Scarlett O'Hara ...yup ... & I can see Rhett @ the bottom of that staircase! many yards of garland did that take!!!

Well, finished or looks beautiful ...the rails are gorgeous as is the bannisters! Looking very festive! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Gail, I read this and started laughing so read it to DH and we both had a good chuckle. So glad you've joined us here on Holidays. Power bills are great if your hightest was around $300.

DD is buying a new home on the golf course so we're going up to see it tomorrow. I think it's over 4500 sq ft and 3 stories. I'm going to be jealous for awhile but that too will pass.LOL

I did offer to decorate it for her if she can get paperwork done before Christmas. I'll see if my battery is charged and try to share a few pics of my decorating. I'm keeping things a little simpler so it should be easier to put away!haha


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OH MY!!!!!! - that staircase takes my breath away - I so agree with Jeanne - I can see Scarlett and Rhett on that staircase - your decorations are so pretty but I know each year you will keep adding to it - I know I would - so many many possibilities. The tree at the top .....PERFECT!!! .....


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jeanne and Lynne,

Thank you.

I do plan on adding...when decorations are marked WAY down.
It took approximately 150 feet of garland.
The garland had lights but not enough for me so I added more lights.

My 'illness' has a terrible 'enabler' close to me.
It's called Dirt Cheap.
They buy out last year's leftovers from large retail chains.
The prices start at 50% off and are marked down another 10% about every 10-14 days.
On Tuesday I get another 10% off for being a 'senior citizen.'
So....most of my seasonal items (that don't come from yard sales/resale stores) come from there.
I very rarely purchase anything regular price.

How exciting!!
That will be such fun to help her decorate.

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Don't you think the staircase is a little narrow? How on earth are you going to get the swimming pool up to the top floor???

All kidding aside, it is truly spectacular. And you've done a beautiful job decorating it. The chandelier is BREATHTAKING!

You mentioned that you were going to add bling next year. It may appear to be a little bare compared to the staircases we see decorated in magazines, but I think it gives a wonderful Christmas feeling while still allowing the woodwork on the staircase to be the focal point.

P.S. Love the tree. My motto is, "You can never have too many little white lights."

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You know when friends tease about the Internet ... saying that do you know who & are you talking to a 'real person'??? someone may be 'foolin' ya or 'pulling your leg' ...ya know what I mean, Holiday-ers!

Well, Gulfport Gail ...I think you are foolin' me ...I think you're a re-incarnation of 'Scarlett O'Hara' & that you've come to make my world a better place! And your 'Rhett' ...well, he seems to be the dashing hero in this saga (no cussing, now, Rhett!) Well, you've certainly got Scarlett's spirit, GG! Fiddle-dee-dee! Jeanne S.

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LOL. Love it!!

I hadn't thought about the aspect of allowing the woodwork to show through...thanks for the food for thought.

The chandelier(s) also have a history.
The son of the builder (previous owner) told us his father, being a contractor, had a lot of contacts.
He found out about this chandelier in the ballroom and the two sister chandeliers, in the parlor and dining room, from a refurbish/recycle lighting place.
They reportedly came from a castle in England that was being demolished.
I think that is such a fun fact.

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You are so precious!!
Thank you.

From the day we signed the papers on the house, we started planning a New Year's Ball for Jan. of 2014.

I'm coming as Carol Burnett as Scarlet O'Hara and he's coming as Harvey Korman as Rhett Butler.

If you aren't familiar with that skit...a parody from GWTW where Scarlet wore a dress made from the's a link. It is a hoot!

Here is a link that might be useful: Scarlet and Rhett

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OMG. That second photo reminded me of the entrance to Harrod's in London! It is beautiful, but I can SO *NOT* relate to owning a house like this. :p

Your 2014 New Year's Ball is going to be spectacular!

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ROFL GG - that skit is my all time favorite Carol Burnett/Harvey Korman skit - I crack up everytime I see it. Oh how I would LOVE to see your New Years Eve party in person - I know it is a year off but you had BETTER post pictures. The chandie story just adds to the beauty of the house. You could do an HGTV special of If Walls Could Talk - what a story you could tell .....


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Marlene Kindred

BEAUTIFUL!! Just BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like a fairytale setting for sure...what a great place for a wedding!

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What a perfect spot for a tree, on that staircase landing. It was like that spot was just specially made for a big beautiful christmas tree.

Gail, I'm with you about those after christmas sales. Around us, we have a large garden center that eventually gets to 80% off. My heart starts racing and my mouth starts watering just thinking about it. With that size house, you better just take a moving truck when you go to those sales, I sure would lol :)

Great job on the garland.

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Pretty darned amazing! Nice job.

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GG ...I had to search & find this t'scape to share w/you from Feb. 2011 ... OA (old algebra) had made a challenge for Academy Awards night coming up do a 'Gone with the Wind' was mine. Hope you enjoy ...yes, Carol Burnett/Scarlett ...too funny! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Academy Awards T'scape 'GWTW' Jeannespines

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Absolutly grand , Gail.
It's so fun seeing sneak peeks into your gorgeous home. Certainly a home worth sharing , especially with the unique story behind it.
The solidary tree at the landing is perfect and speaks volumes.
I once dreamed of having a beautiful staircase like yours, but my Lovely Husband was quick to point out as I was house shopping , "dear, you're decrepid muscles will never sllow you to make it up the stairs". A bit crude but sadly , he was very right... LOL

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My word, Gail, that staircase is positively mind-blowing!
You must hear Scarlett whispering everytime you go or down it. I cracked up at OA's comment on it being too narrow to get the pool up. LOL.

That skit from Carol Burnett has always been one of the funniest ever. I have it saved from YouTube to watch occasionally. Never fails to make me laugh out loud.

How big is that beautiful mansion of yours? I can sure see someone getting lost just from looking at the outside photo of it. Amazing place! If you open a Bed n Breakfast, we might have to get Janie to drive a busload of us there!!

Poor Mr Honey, making him freeze after all the work he's been doing! You better control your power surges and let him warm up. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Gail your staircase is magnificent!
Everyone else has said what I would have.
I'll be waiting for My invitation to the Ball!!

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Your home ignites every romantic, wish-I-lived-there bone in my body!

It's beautiful!

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Your staircase is just perfect, especially with the tree. I don't think you need more bling at all. Maybe some faux presents sitting under the tree is all, but it's all just stunning.

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First, I want to apologize for not responding sooner. Life gets in the way of my playtime sometimes. lol

Thank you very much.
It'll be party time before we realize it!

Yep...a year from now.
So...start making plans to attend.
No kidding...I would love for my 'partners in crime' to attend.

Thank you.
All of our granddaughters, from 18 to 8, have already said they're getting married here.

LOL. I've already started hitting some sales...70% off.
Can't start too early planning for next year.

Thank you very much.

You are such a sweetheart for taking the time to find the link of your GWTW tablescape.
I love all your GWTW items.
Dollybaby is a the way you dressed her for the part.
Thank you for sharing that with me.

Thank you very much.
lol the stairs and muscles.
There are certainly some days it's harder to go up than other days.
I have a trick of putting a laundry basket at the bottom of the stairs on each side...on one side, the basket goes to my bedroom...on the other side, the basket goes to my son's bedroom.
It saves a few trips.

Thank you so much.
Start getting that van ready.
I'm serious about y'all coming any time.
You're all invited to the New Year's Eve party.

Thank you.
Count this as your invitation to the ball.
Janie is already warming the van up.

Thank you so much.
I love the Victorian era...romantic...lace...fufu.

Thank you.
Thanks for your suggestion about the faux presents.
I bought some gold paper yesterday at 80% off with just that in mind.
When I get the tree/presents/etc. finished, I'll post a pic.

Again, thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and encouragement.


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love the tulle! Heck, love the staircase!

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What Alex said! That is one amazing, wonderful staircase and home you have! So glad you are sharing pics with us.


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Wow! Your staircase really look lovely! But it would look more stunning if you stained the treads with color the same with your handrails, IMO. Nice chandelier you got there.

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This is Gorgeous and looks like right out of a movie...

Do You live in Gulfport MS? I live in S. MS.. I would love to come and visit and see your Gorgeous home and decorations!!
I live just north of Wiggins!

It is almost too much to comprehend.. Just Gorgeous is all i can Say!!


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Stunning! I love it! Gold foil wrapped packages will be perfect finishing touch. Then I thought about all that dusting(took care of folks home before they passed on) mom handed me a plastic pole with a fluffy thing in all colors & told me that was for me to dust with- I thought that was crazy & would leave dust all over or just scatter it. I brought over white gloves to see if it really worked. No dirt got on my gloves. So if you get a long handled fuzzy polyester(I think) duster & just use if for the stairs I think it would make it a breeze dusting, especially the upright posts, might be easier on your muscles too.I had always used a clean cloth T shirt material to dust with. TFS Jan

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Wow, these staircases are looking awesome. I think I've got a nice idea for my staircase, thanks for sharing pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Ornaments Sale, Christmas Tree

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Wow Gail !
I'm late to respond..but I'll join in with everyone's comments..
Your Staircase is Magnificent ! It's details are like a work of Art and
Your chandelier is breathtaking and a perfect compliment to the
I like how you decorated it too with the ribbon and just the right amount of 'bling'!
I LOVE that Carol Burnett skit...and Can See It happening in your Home !
That would be Hilarious.
I can also relate to you not having a large utility bill with your 'Power Surges'
My DH has gone thru that with me....they could never understand! Lol
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us..

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Your staircase is absolutely stunning

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