Master Bath Addition Layout Review

burningmustardAugust 14, 2014

We are planning on turning our walk in attic into a master bath. We will be raising the ridge and adding a dormer.

I have attached a couple of floor plans and some exterior drawings, before/after.

Ideally the addition will have
*Dual vanity
*Toilet closet
*Small double shower
*Clothes Closet

Any feedback on layout or placement would be appreciate.

Thanks for looking. Hope I have provided enough info.

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I don't think you have room to put the vanity opposite the toilet area like that and not feel crowded. What is the blue area in the dormer?

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Put a pocket door on the toilet, then you will have more space inside the toilet room. Also safer if someone passes out-they won't be blocking entry. An in swinging door to the toilet area may not be code either.

The washer will need the joist under them to support tremendous forces. My front load washer was instructed to be placed along a load bearing wall if it was going on a wood joist system. Otherwise the floor will work like a trampoline. You don't want that force in the center of the joist length. Check the washer installation specs. You don't want this to be a disaster. Washers do best on concrete. If you want more info on the W/D location post your plan on the Laundry forum, or the Remodel forum.

It looks like you have enough room to me, between the vanity and the wall to the toilet (edit to add that a scale drawing with all dimensions would be helpful). If there is an issue put in an 18" deep vanity. I prefer that depth anyway, as it is easier for me to see into the mirror. I have both a 21" depth vanity and an 18" vanity and I wish I had two 18" vanities :) I am 5'7" too.

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Is the walk-in closet the only closet in the master bedroom? I understand wanting a large closet, but personally, I would prefer more bathroom space. My first choice is to have separate entrances for closet and bathroom; 2nd choice would be to walk past closet to get to the bathroom.

I like having natural light for my vanity area - will you be putting a makeup / grooming space in the closet? Three windows in the closet area seems excessive, unless it's serving a dual purpose.

I don't understand having the washer and dryer opposite each other, instead of side-by-side. I would find it awkward. I can't tell how much space there is between them. If they are both front-loading, then need to be able to open both doors simultaneously. Also, I would prefer access to W/D from a common area, such as hallway, instead of through the master bedroom.

But it all depends on what works for your family. I grew up in a home that had a laundry chute in the hall closet (directly above the washer and laundry sink in the basement), a clothesline in the backyard, and a built-in, pull-down ironing board in the kitchen.

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Thank you all for the comments. The house is 80 years old, so a lot of what we are doing is trying to find a way to work with what he have, and not alter the exterior too much. Being that the only bathroom on the second floor is only 5x7, and I have two young daughters, anything will be an upgrade.

Kirkhall ��" The blue area is nothing really, I should have removed it. Just a window seat or something.

Enduring ��" Thank you for the comments on the washer, and the vibration. We are planning on an 18â vanity.

LARemodel ��" There is currently a small dressing room (little window in center of the front of the house) My wife doesnâÂÂt seem to interested in a make-up desk or anyting like that. Just using the vanity. My drawing is misleading. The âÂÂwindowâ at the front was just a note for an attic access door. There will be two windows. Originally only one, but the architect and I felt that we needed the second one to break up the large face on the west side of the house. The thought for the washer dryer on either side is that they will be sliding underneath the roof pitch, they will not be completely inside the dormer. I have to make sure I have clearance. The washer and dryer is not a 100% yet. In our last remodel we were able to move them up from our stone basement to a small mudroom. We may decide that we will just keep in the small mudroom, but was also thinking that if we are completely removing the floor and roof for this additional, we want to plan ahead if we would ever want a second set off the master bedroom. We really have to have the bathroom first then the closet due to plumbing access.

Thank you all for your comments, and suggestions.

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