Pre-build jitters?

phoggieJune 24, 2012

We are getting down to the phase of getting ready to start digging.....and I am getting pre-build jitters.

How detailed were you with your builder on what was included in your build? I am doing labor + materials because he told me he "thought" that he could build it cheaper that way, because if a contractor gives a contract price, they always include "what if" costs and he doesn't see any reason that this build should not be a simple build.

If you built this way, did you have a "cost not to exceed" clause? I am using "Summerfield's plan" that was drawn for me and love it.

I have been looking at his estimates and am wondering just how much overages and other things (drive/sidewalks, landscaping, appliances, etc.) will not be included in his estimate and if his allowances will be enough to cover the expenses.

I am a 70 yr. widow, doing this on my own and I was "supposed" to have DH being our own GC, but he has passed now. I do have a wonderful Amish crew who I do have complete faith and trust to be honest, but a wondering just how detailed I need to be before we get the digging started.

I was very comfortable with my decision to build, but now getting nervous......anyone else have these feelings? If so, how did you work them out in advance?


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In compiling prices for his "budget" he should have been getting firm prices from subs to increase the accuracy. The drawings should be as clear as possible so he can do as much bidding as possible. This is where the savings occurs in a Cost of the Work contract.

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