Wainscoting In Bathroom

kileyrayAugust 4, 2007

Does anyone have any pictures with white wainscoting in their bathroom. I am looking at putting it in my ensuite but am wondering

1) how will i deal with it around the tub (it's a drop in that was planned to have a tiled deck)

2) will white look funny with my birch cabinets that are stained a light brown color.

We have a half wall between the tub and the toilet and I hate how it has turned out. The rounded corners on the drywall look silly to me and it is pushing me towards my original "dream" of wainscoting!!

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I am doing the same thing as we speak. I will have wainscot going around the entire bathroom and the tub area with a drop in tiled tub deck. I will post pictures in about 2 weeks when it is done. The tub will go in this week followed by the wainscot...

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Do a search using the search function at the bottom of the page. Use the word beadboard. Many here have posted pics of their lovely baths with this type of wainscot. Good luck.

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Are you installing packaged beadboard or are you using plywood beadboard? What will waterproof it and what will make it stick to the walls?

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scottmel - i look forward to seeing your photos! do you plan to tile only the deck or will tile go down the side to the floor. if only on the deck, how do you plan to transition from the tile to the wainscoting on the edge?

budge - thanks for the suggestion. i did search for both wainscoting and beadboard but found that most had used a solid surface material on the tub deck not tile. ideally that is what I would have liked to do but time and budget do not allow.

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the plan is to tile the deck of the tub only w/beadboard going across the front of the tub deck and beadboard going around the tub deck. how this transistions I don't know. My contractor is following plans that were created for me (but not BY Me)..thank goodness b/c I would not know how to transistion. Hopefully SOON this renovation will be done! Taking much longer than I thought....Email me directly next week and I should have pics to share. SCOTTMEL@ZBZOOM.NET

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Here are a couple of pics - however, the beadboard is really paintable wallpaper!

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Dianar95, where did you get your wainscoting wallpaper, it's awesome!!!

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Dianar95, I'd also like to know where you got the beadboard wallpaper. It looks very intriguing! Thanks!

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Thanks Alexa!

The paintable beadboard wallpaper is made by Graham and Brown and is called SuperFresco. Lowes just recently discontinued this line, but you can purchase it online from Graham and Brown. It runs about $25.00 a roll. Lowes is now carrying another line of paintable wallpaper, but I thought that it looked artifical and a bit cheap.

Working with it was a breeze and it looks great painted with a semi-gloss. You really have to touch it to realize that it's not wood!

Hope this helps,

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Dinar- Where did you get that Mirror? I've been looking for exactly that everywhere!


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I bought it at Target a few years back, so I'm not sure if they still carry it. It was originally black, but I painted it white.


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kileyray, I just came across a picture that I think is exactly what you are talking about.

I can't figure out how to link the pic directly but if you go to this site choose bathroom from the menu but don't choose anything on the other two boxes you should get 61 bathroom pics. Click through to #20.

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom pics

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