Messed Up Defaualt Programs = Help!

love2sewMarch 12, 2011

I changed something in my default program and now I have a mess.

I want to use Firefox but can't find any of my bookmarked favorites. All I keep getting is this Yahoo stuff and its driving me crazy.

I used to have Explorer and Firefox but don`t have Explorer now.

My Email is disabled.

Can someone help me get back to normal.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you can not remove Internet explorer so it is definitely still there.
It sounds like you are talking about your homepage which you had set on firefox has now changed to yahoo? if so that is not a problem just go to the page you want to use as your homepage then in firefox go to tools options, on the Main tab you will see the options for home page just click the one that says use current page, that is also where you will find the return to default option.

What did you change? where in what program.
what email?
you need to give us info to work with what exact programs what exact email etc.

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I agree with RC. I read this thread last night and I wasn't sure what the problem(s) were so I passed it by. Even if you are of limited experience with your system, please take your time and share more information.

Our crystal balls are not available until Spring.


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Thank you for reading my unruly message for help. I didn't know that Firefox had done an upgrade so when I logged onto the internet I got this whole new screen and Firefox asked me if I wanted to upgrade. I said okay and then the fun began.

Today I went into my McAffee and did a system scan and they fixed one issue. Then I did a "cleaner" on my system and finally was able to get on through Internet Explorer. I guess I will stay here as everything is available except my mail. I use Windows Mail and when I try to access my emails it tell me it has been disconnected.

At least it wasn't spam. In my momment of terror, the first place I wanted to be was here where all you really good people help idiots like me. Thanks again.

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It sounds to me, like you still need some help. Something is causing your windows mail to have problems, and something is causing your problem with Firefox. Until these problems are fixed, you will continue to have problems.

You are not an idiot. There are no idiots, just those that are a bit inexperienced. Good Luck to you

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