Scrap Granite pieces cheaper? Really?

passport4vickiAugust 16, 2012

I thought I've heard I could get a piece of scrap granite for a great savings/bargain price. I've gone to 2 places and they both say I have to buy a big piece of granite for about $280 and the cost of finish edges (polish?) would be about $500 for anything I wanted. I would need to supply the template and install myself. I need 3 pieces: a shower seat top, pony wall top and a piece for the thresh hold of shower door. (I actually preferred the color of the quartz, so the price is for that.)

Am I asking the wrong questions or going to wrong places (tile store)? Any suggestions on getting a better price then $800?

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The tile store is nuts. What about going to a stone yard that
does fabrication on site?

I got 2 vanity tops cut from a remnant of a slab for $350 each. That included them measuring, cutting the granite and attaching a sink (included in the $350), drilling holes for the faucet, and a backsplash/side splash. Then delivering and installing, of course.

You definitely want to find a remnant you like and work off that, it will save you a ton of money.

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I just happened on this post, but I can tell you when I did my kitchen 4 years ago the fabricator told me he could do a vanity top for much cheaper from a remnant. So it would be to fabricators that I would go. They have stone paid for by others for large jobs like kitchens, with small pieces left over. They charge little or nothing for the stone just the labor to cut it and make the edge, but of coarse fancy edges do entail more labor and a little higher cost.

So I think you are just looking in the wrong place.
At least around me you would never get that kind of deal from a retail shop, who doesn't stock or fabricate the material themselves. They order the material, mark it up, send it to a fabricator, who they pay and mark up his/her work and then sell it to you. What ever is left from the slab from YOUR job, the fabricator does what he/she wants to with it if you don't ask for it back. THAT is what you want from what OTHER people have done, lol. So you need to go to a local stone fabricator, see what left over pieces they have, and hire them directly to cut it and probably install it for you. They will attach a sink they or you provide for a little extra.

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Oh, and yes, "REALLY", LOL.

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In the Google search box, type "prefab granite (your city name)". I don't know where you live, but there are dozens of places within 25 miles of my house to purchase prefabricated slabs. The shop will cut the slab to size and add a sink, typically for around $200 for a vanity top and $50 for an additional undermount sink.

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Guess it depends where you live.

Drove to 4 stone yards (in March) looking for a 5' vanity top from scraps. One had no scraps even near the color needed. Two others had various pieces we could use, both quoted ~$900-$1200 (cut finished and installed w/sink).
Yes, for remnants.

Finally a neighbor suggested a 4th yard where they miraculously had a scrap of the exact stone I wanted, and they did it for $600. Template, cut, finish, install, faucet holes. I considered that a bargain after getting the other prices.


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