How can I save this to documents

marie_ndcalMarch 15, 2014

I have moved and want to make address labels. How can I save the information to documents, so I do not have to type in the address each time.
I have Windows 7, and Office 7

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Not sure about Office 7, but with Office Word 2010, select Mailings, Labels, in the pop-up window select Options, select label type (usually 5160 Easy Peel address labels), Input the information and then select print.
The printer should then print one whole page of address labels.

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Thank you, I can print the whole sheet, but want to save to documents so I don't have to type the information in each time I have to print them out. Sorry for the confusion.

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Look at this link and you'll find the following in CREATE AND PRINT LABELS

9. Before you print, place your label sheets in the printer.

To print the labels without saving your setup, click Print.

To preview, or to save the labels in a document you can use again, click New Document. Save the document, or print the labels by clicking File > Print and clicking the Print button.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You can easily make a page of repeating labels with MicroSoft Word, or for that matter, with many other word processors. And then save the file. It can be reprinted any time.

However, maybe what you want is for the address to appear automatically at the top of the start page of a letter. To do this in MS Word, set up a template with the address in it, and use it for letter writing.

Set up a template for each different address.

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I create my whole sheet of return address labels in MS word then just save it as you would any other word document giving it a name. After you save it if you click the file it should just open up the whole template of address labels all filled in. Is that not working? I am using a very old version of word though. Mary

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I have word or graphics programs to make them in different size labels. Fun to add that dinky little picture or graphic. All will save for future use(?)

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Thank you all, especially Azinoh!!!! It worked. I typed the new address, then went to New Document, save, it went to Documents, and then I tried it and got exactly what I wanted.
Again Thank you so much

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