Buffet Winter Decor is Done!

jeannespinesDecember 10, 2010

Am enjoying doing the Winter decor & it certainly is WINTER weather here!...blizzard warnings tonight & below zero for the weekend lows! Christmas is coming quickly & I'm working on getting ready...which I love! (but kind of pokey this year!) Ugh!

Here's those apothecary jars I showed you on a diff post...I have changed them out with a candle (thanks, slinkey!) & a garland of beads in the smaller jar...& this GS "deer" find for $1.50 this summer...Here's a close-up pic with the faux candle lit:

And a pic w/o the candle lit...(more dancing of light from the jars when the candle is not glowing)! DH just came by my computer & said, "what's that? reindeer poop?" with a grin on his face...that's the bead garland I added to the smaller jar! He is such a funny guy & you can feel the appreciation he has for decor! LOL!

Here's snowman at the other end of buffet with bird waterer (candle) & birds...added those huge pinecones I got last yr at an estate sale...some red berries, viney star...

Further away look that shows snowman, vine tree & table centerpc:

Here's the full buffet...same pic on walnut shelf above which DH made...this is the only print I've ever had professional framed & I cherish it. FINALLY got the pine garland to stay in place...kept falling behind buffet...DH cut some foam squares for me & tucked them behind ledge:

Next I need to change Dollbaby's outfit & table setting...I'll probably be inside for the weekend! Somebody, slow down time, please! TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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I think it looks wonderful and so homey...

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"Next I need to change Dollbaby's outfit & table setting"

You know, I was JUST THINKING, "I haven't seen Dollbaby lately. Surely Jeanne is going to dress her for Christmas. Have I missed it?"

I love that print. I remember it. It's so - so peaceful.

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Jeanne, you decorate so beautifully. I always feel such warmth and coziness radiating from your home when I see your photos. I'd love to be your neighbor, tho would make a total pest of myself and not want to go home. LOL.
But blizzard warnings and below zero....maybe I'll just stay here, and watch us set yet another record for this year!! Supposed to be 81 Sunday and Monday! Then next Thurs will get to Dec. normal with 68.

I love that deer, and the price you paid is incredible.
I've commented before how neat that you have the same little vintage china angel child that I do. Your snowman always holds yours, and mine goes in my cloche on bathroom counter.
LOL at your DH and the reindeer poop. At least your hubby notices things! My Mr Oblivious wouldn't even see the deer.

I've missed Dollbaby, so hurry up and let us see her!
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne...just love how everything came together...so warm and homey looking. I love how you set up your buffet shelf with the sheep and I can see why you love that print, it's such a beautiful scene.
The jar looks great with and w/o the candle lit and I'm laughing over the 'deer poop'...what can I say - 'Men' !
Anyway, that $1.50 deer was a steal..he's so nice and looks perfect in that setting. I'm waiting to see Doll Baby...I'm sure she's getting excited to get ready for Christmas
I saw a vine tree just like yours on line today...it was 48" tall, and they wanted $100 for it..the 24" was $55 and the 36" was $75 !!! Tooooo pricey for me.
I'm still looking at my vines outside ...if it wasn't so cold today, I would have gone and chopped some down... we had a dusting of snow...so I'm hoping I can get out there before it's too late. I'm figuring if I don't do it before Christmas...it will be a nice project for the winter.

Loved looking at your decorations Jeanne.
Makes me want to sit at your table and have some hot chocolate !


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Jeanne, Your Buffet looks wonderful as usual!! I love the runner you used. And the print is perfect.

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Jeanne, love your deer and your buffet looks super. Sorry to hear that your weather is yucky. It has warmed up here to the 20's and 30's so alot of our snow has melted.

I have to work today so best keep moving.


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Thanks leveta, OA, PMoon, Jane, Nana & Punk...

Blizzard here! "Winter" is official, I guess!

nana...that runner is a hand-made rug I bought some yrs bk at a festival...it will wear forever & it washes beautifully!

Thanks, jane...wow, expensive vine trees! ...but lots of labor, I bet! Can't remember what I pd for mine, it was a Jan or Feb sale buy.

karen & OA ...I put Dollbaby on another post just awhile ago...so I listened to you both! LOL! Thanks for your comments...would love to have you here (in person)...mostly I enjoy the "comfort" of home & it's fun to make it comfy for myself & DH.

Stay safe & warm, everyone (well, not "warm" for you, Purplemoon...81 deg! Geez!) Jeanne S.

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Loved seeing your pictures Jeanne. The other gals are right, it does look warm and cozy. The jars are a nice addition, and what a great buy on your deer. I'd better go find where you posted baby doll in her Christmas outfit. Luvs

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That is so pretty, Jeanne. I love the brass deer, he is so big and looks great with those jars. I have always loved that print and your white runner, the perfect winter scene base. I miss having real greenery in the house, but I think it bothers my allergy.

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