who to hire to vent a bathroom fan

TSG1104August 27, 2013

Our master bath and the guest bath both had exhaust fans when we purchased the house. However, the fans are vented into the attic and not to the exterior. Our guess is either it was not code at the time the house was built or the previous owner added them. When we remodeled the master bath earlier this year we upgraded the exhaust fan. We are now planning to do an update or small remodel on the guest bath and will also be upgrading that fan. My husband did most of the work on our master bathroom including replacing the fan and will be doing the work on the guest bathroom.

We want to have both fans vented to the exterior. Our house has a walk out basement so the back of the house, where the bathrooms are located, is three stories. Neither of us are comfortable on a ladder that high or getting onto the roof. I was going to call a roofer, but in looking at the attic and area above the guest bath it seems to make more sense to vent it out the side of house and limit the roof protrusions. I don't know if the master can be vented out the side or if it will have to go through the roof. Is this something a roofer would do? I tried searching online and most of the suggestions were to hire an electrician, but we already have the electrical. We just need someone to properly install the vents in the siding and/or roof. Any suggestions?

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A decent carpenter should be able to handle it (and probably a ladder tall enough to do it). They also will probably be cheaper than an electrician. Maybe your electrician can recommend one.

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we used a handyman to do ours. we had an electrician install the fan, but as far as exhausting it--as soon as roof was involved they weren't going to touch it. We are currently in a master bath remodel, they are using the exhaust already in place, but with new ducting, electrician installed the fan, but the GC is doing the ducting. Hope that helps.

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