Liebherr HC 1050 replacing ice maker

dgctbJuly 26, 2013

Has anyone replaced the ice maker in a Liebherr HC 1050? My tray cracked and the company sent me a replacement unit with no instructions. After 45 minutes on the phone with the technician coaching me on how to do so, I still can't get the unit out. I really don't want to have to pay some one to come out and do this, but following instructions by phone doesn't work and I can't find written instructions and diagrams anywhere.

Thank you for any advice.

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How many spare trays did they send you? (lol) Frustrating a 99cent tray does not hold up in cold temps. It is the wrong plastic for the job...Funny isn't it? that the tray spins upside down when frozen, then it gives a bit of twist tension from the back end, (and where it cracks), spins back upright, squirts water to fill...when cracked, water leaks through hairline crack and fills ice bin with 2 cubes full of water along with half full ice.
Most people think initially that their ice is melting and freezing in a clump. Nope it is a 99cent tray that costs $$$ after warranty is up. (Grrrr)
Try youtube. I did see a video a while back but he shows replacing the tray AFTER the unit has already been removed from the fridge. Sounds like that is your trouble? (can't get the unit out? There is an 'appliance' forum. Actual service folk assist with these problems.
Mine needs replacing as well. I did a repair that held up, (a food grade apoxy not unlike your basic 'super glue'), then cracked again in another spot.
When i called to get a few trays, it was over a hundred for the 'kit' + shipping for one 99cent tray. I do not need the entire 'kit'. And the guy was not so nice. Or rather did not want to help me...the 'friday afternoon guy with a head cold', instead i did my repair that lasted a couple i have taken out the middle freezer drawer, (also cracked, at the handle region) and have a stack of three grocery store manual trays that cost 2.99. Makes ice much faster manually and my ice drawer is always full now.
Did you purchase the repair 'kit' ?. Like i mentioned try youtube and please share what you find out. We had no trouble removing our unit, just a bit of a pain. That was a few months ago and doubt i have the written skill to explain it...if your unit is out and changing the tray is your trouble, the youtube video will help.
If you had to pull out your fridge to unplug from power source, do check your drain pans while you are at it. Mine were a bit funky and easy to clean at the same time.

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Thanks so much for sharing your unfortunate experience. Yes, I have the entire kit and, yes, the problem is that I can't remove the one that's in there now to replace it. I understand from the technician that I need to press two knobs on either side up into the housing while simultaneously pushing the unit to release a spring load, at which point it is supposed to eject. But I need 2 hands and 2 screwdrivers to press the knobs up, and without a third hand I can't push the unit at the same time. I'm not even sure I'm doing it correctly. And unfortunately can't find a video. If you are able to find one and direct me I would be VERY grateful.

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I have the same problem, dgctb. If you find out how to remove the existing ice maker, will you please post? Thank you!

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I have the CBS2062 and I want to remove the icemaker completely to gain additional freezer space. I don't use the icemaker in the unit bc I have a separate undercounter ice machine. But I'd love to know how to just take the liebherr icemaker out entirely.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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"Most people think initially that their ice is melting and freezing in a clump."

Oh, that was us!!! We stopped using the ice maker because of that. If only I could take the darn thing out...

I'd be waiting with a baited breath for someone to post the instructions how to do it...

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It's easier if you remove the shelf below the ice maker. If you look at the ice maker from underneath [lay on your back] you will see that it actually slides in from the front of the freezer, and in the center of the ice maker, on either side, there are 2 'snap locks', one on either side. Use a screw driver in each hand and push up on the snap locks while someone else pulls the ice maker out toward the front of the freezer. Once out, you can remove the wire plugged into the unit.

You can do it by yourself, but, if like me, you put too much pressure on the snap lock you will break one or both of them. Try not to do that. Just push up on the plastic tabs and the unit will slide out toward the front as soon as you release the snap locks. That's why it's easier with 2 people. I don't know how you could do it alone without breaking one of the clips, which I did. With one of them broken then I could release the other one and pull the unit out by myself.

Now, where can I get a new ice maker?

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