2008 Winter/Christmas Table Pictures!-Part 2

tamgypsyDecember 9, 2008

I hope it's ok with everyone that in an effort to keep this post easily accesible for the dialup folks I thought I'd start the second part and I'll my first december table here.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Gypsy's Corner

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Love your redbird plates and mugs Tam, and that ruffled red plate as well. Very pretty table. Luvs

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Beautiful! Love the cardinal dishes and the centerpiece is fabulous and so unexpected. Is it on a cake stand? Love the stockings for the flatware.

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Tam, I love your table setting. Love the red and limey green. Those bird plates are very pretty. Everything is perfect. I'm really in to red and lime this Christmas.

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Very pretty!!! Love the cardinals! Seems like I have seen alot of them this year..

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Here's my fun peppermint table:


White Chocolate Candy Canes:

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Beautiful....looking at your blog, I hate to post my decos in dining room cause our Indian stuff is just that but fun. Yours is really classy.

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Tam, what a pretty table! It looks lovely..such pretty dishes and I love your duck!

Sandi, I love the candy cane table..the dishes are perfect for it, and all your little touches..so cute
Love the centerpiece too! And the candle holders too...

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Tam love it! So elegant! I don't think I have replied to one of your posts yet, but I HAVE LOOKED AND LOOKED AND LOOKED! Your photography skills are wonderful, straight from a magazine..... and I've worked with several professional photographers!

Sandi, Love the peppermint candies! Did you make the candy-cane candle holders? They are adorable...think I'll have to copy those :) Also, white chocolate candy canes? I would assume they would be easy to make but have such a dramatic effect.....exactly my style!


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Thank you Kathleen & Alex. Yes, I made the candy cane candle holders and they are really easy to make. I made them so that I can slide the tapers in and out. And the white chocolate candy canes are too, too easy. And taste good. ;~)

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Sandi - very fun table. And the candy canes do look familiar. :) I like those round peppermint candles you have. And the candy cane candle stand for your red candles.

Tam - lovely table. And I like how your buffet always sets a nice background to your table and you repeat the elements on your dining table on the buffet. Like Alex said, your photography skills are amazing.


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I love your table! It shows that you can do a smaller, more casual table on a grand scale! I'm going to try to copy your terrific style...sometimes I can get pretty sloppy when there's just two of us.

I also like your red-stemmed stemware and the coordinating cardinals on the buffet.


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Tam, cardinals must be IN this year, I've seen alot of them in stores. Your table is very pretty, as usual, love the duck in the middle, and the silverware in the stockings.

I'll be on the hunt for a duck like that for next year, you always find the neatest things, like your Thanksgiving Turkey!!!

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Sandi that is soo pretty...and festive. Those white chocolate goodies would be gone if I got close!!!
I'm really loveing the red and white candy decorations this year.

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Sandi, I love your candy cane table. How creative and fun. You have the perfect dishes for it.

Did you glue the candy canes together to make the holder for the red candles?

I think I may borrow your idea for the chocolate covered candy canes.

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Sandi, I love it! I had planned to make those same candy cane taper holders to go with the name card holders too! Did you use real candycanes or faux ones? Your little ball candle holders are perfect for the centerpiece, and I'm wanting one of your chocolate covered spoons! Boy, do they and the chocolate dipped candy canes looks yummy! LOL I love how you found the big pepermints to sit your glasses on--just the perfect extra touch. You really paid allot of attention to the details on this one. I really love it and am saving it to my personal inspiration files!


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Thank you Bright & DD. DD, I wrapped a piece of 1" wide grosgrain ribbon around the taper and left it just loosed enough that it would slide over the top of the candle. Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the candy canes to the ribbon. I can store the plastic candy canes still glued to the ribbon without storing the tapers.

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Luvs, I don't know why, but your post didn't show up until after my last reply. I used the plastic twisted candy canes from Dollar Tree (6 for $1). The red and white striped ball candles in the centerpiece were a Christmas present from one of DS's friends several years ago. It was 3 candles on a white tray and I added the extras. It was a total surprise and really cute because the tag said "To ____'s Mom".

The big round peppermints that the glasses are sitting on are candles from Walmart. There were 6 in a pack for abt $6.

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Both tables are lovely!

Love your plates and cups, Gyspy!

Sandi your candy candleholders are so cute!

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Sandi...oh your candycane table is sooooooo pretty. I love the candycane candle holders, you are so creative. It looks great...all the little touches that you coordinated are really neat.

For all the comments on my table - Thank you so much. I'm working on several more for December and I will share another one next week.

dd-yes the christmas duck sits on a cake pedestal I found at Traget. It is supposed to mimic a tree stump but I thought the rings that usually signify the age of a tree could pass for pond ripples too...lol

twomonths - please don't hesitate to post. It's all about sharing and learning from each other. I think soon I'll do a post about my decorations just a couple of years ago. I've learned sooooo much from everyone here.

bourbon-you are too kind...to be honest it doesn't come easy too me and it takes me MANY shots to come up with something I like. I'm still learning to play with all of the different settings on my camera.

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