Speed / Combi Steam Oven Instead of Wall Oven?

schicksalJuly 28, 2013

I'm sorting out the appliances for our kitchen renovation and realized that the speed oven and wall oven seem a bit redundant. Originally we were looking at a Speed Oven above a Wall Oven, but realized that a lot of the functions between the two overlap and I have a feeling that we'd use the Speed Oven for nearly everything...

Now we're considering a Miele Speed Oven (H 4086 BM) or Miele Combi-Steam Oven (DGC 4086 XL) to go on top of a Miele Warming Drawer (ESW 4826). My question really has two parts...

Is it crazy to consider either the speed or combi-steam oven a replacement for a wall oven? Thanksgiving turkey really is the only "large" item that we would not be able to do, and neither of us know how to prepare this anyway.

We do end up with a lot of takeouts and I've been wanting to find a better way to reheat what we bring home. Would either the speed or combo-steam oven handle that well? I'm a bit nervous about losing microwave functionality with the combi-steam oven but maybe it still does that task?

We do plan on keeping our countertop microwave at the advice of another thread here, and relocating it to the pantry if we need to use it for something the new appliance can't handle so that will still be an option.

Thanks for the advice!

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The combi steam oven with do a fantastic job of reheating, it adds a little steam and keeps things moist so it doesn't dry out. The combi will also do a great job cooking a turkey, though there are certain size limits. One of the things where a combi won't shine if you want to do multiple sheets of cookies a one time. You can do that in a combi, but the sheet size will be smaller than a wall oven. Except for the times when you have a number of entrees and side dishes that you can stuff in a 30 inch wall oven, and I am guessing that isn't often, you won't miss your wall oven at all. The combi can't do everything a microwave can, but you can probably get by with one in the pantry. I don't have a speed oven, so I can't comment on that.

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That's a good point about cookies... I need to measure the size of our cookie sheets to see if they would actually fit in there.

Another compromise I thought of last night was to run wiring and an outlet that would fit the oven we previously planned on getting and have the space in the wall cabinet available in case we actually do need one in addition to the combi-steam oven. The space would just have doors and an adjustable shelf in the middle that could be removed to put in a wall oven. The warming drawer could just go back to the peninsula, under the countertop where we originally planned for it.

Thanks for the advice - I've read every thread I could find about the combi-steam oven to see what people think of it and I'm really looking forward to the possibility of getting one. It'll be a huge step up from the 1978 wall oven that we have now! This site and houzz have been an incredible resource for planning our total kitchen redo.

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It is pretty cheap to run wiring, so I wouldn't let that hold me back ( this is from the guy who has an outlet every foot or two along the counter, just because I hated the old kitchen where you always had to unplug one thing to use another. ) A wall oven, and a combi are hard wired, so they only have to run one more wire from the panel, and put in a junction box, until you need it later. You will be amazed at how quick the convection oven comes up to temp, and you will be blown away by how good it does with reheating -I even reheat pancakes and they come out great. The one thing it won't do a great job reheating is a sauced based dish, like fettucine alfredo. It will do a great job reheating the pasta if you stored it separately, but if you put the sauce on it and put it on reheat, it will get the sauce runny because it will absorb some of the moisture from the steam.

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Very cool... I'm the electrician and basically every other type of labor throughout this project so I think that's what I'm going to do. Combi-steam oven sort of as planned + a spot for a regular convection oven used for shelving below it. I just have to mount it low enough for my wife to be able to add water.

Semi-related but, I'm also considering planning for the possibility of a microwave drawer. Is it looking like 30" and 24" are pretty much the standard widths for these things x roughly 16" high? At this point the cabinets are still in my CAD model but in another week or two I'll need to get an order in. Isn't trying to future-proof the place fun...

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I've considered this situation myself too for our remodel. I have ordered the GE Profile Advantium Oven 240V. It has four cooking modes - True European Convection, Warm/Proof, and microwave are three. Sorry, the literature in front of me doesn't list the fourth. It doesn't have steam heat in it though. It was important to have microwave capability so I went with it as it seems more flexible than the Miele. I am also planning on ordering a JennAir (only because I wanted the floating white glass and couldn't quite swing the Miele) wall oven as well.

I know I will use the Advantium 99% of the time but thought that I will want to cook my Thanksgiving turkey in the regular oven and will probably use it if I am cooking several things at once. The cooking area for the Advantium is much smaller than a regular oven even though it is 30 inches wide. You may want to check the area of the Miele Speedcook before you make it your only oven.

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I would get a speed-oven instead of a MW drawer too.

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> I have ordered the GE Profile Advantium Oven 240V. It has four cooking modes - True European Convection, Warm/Proof, and microwave are three. Sorry, the literature in front of me doesn't list the fourth.

The fourth is the high speed cooking mode itself that combines thousands of watts of halogen light, along with conventional heating elements and microwaves.

You can even use it as a toaster if you want.

I'd be fine with my Advantium 240v wall oven being my only oven, and really only added a second, undercounter, 24" wide, 24" tall oven for house resale purposes, or rare bulk cooking for parties with lots of guests. Anything I want to cook will fit on its two levels.

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I am salivating. Those cookies look so good. Is it a picture from an ad or of your oven?

After a long struggle over the re-sale issue, I have planned a space to install a full-size oven by wiring it and putting (very needed) extra drawers under the small oven. It wouldn't take much to remove the drawers and slide a larger oven in.

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I just linked to a picture I found online; however, my speed oven interior looks exactly like the picture. My cookies, not so sure.....

Wall ovens, when they were introduced in the 1950s, were often really installed in a cutout in a wall. Nowadays they're almost always put in cabinets, but the term stuck. My Advantium 240 was installed in a new hole cut in the kitchen wall, reclaiming what previously was utterly unusable space above a staircase, which previously was open to its landing and 7 to 10 feet upwards, with sliding doors covering it. I reappropriated it for the kitchen in the adjacent room, as the bottom of that unreachable storage closet was only 50" above the kitchen floor. I would have preferred it a half foot lower, but free space in this tiny kitchen (which didn't have room for a dishwasher before renovation) was too good to pass up. As for how much I value the "regular" oven we're putting in, it too will have a drawer under it - and the oven itself is already under the counter. I got the smallest oven I could find - 24" wide, 24" tall - and it leaves room for a 6"h drawer underneath. I didn't want to waste space on an appliance that will rarely get used.

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A turkey is not going to fit into these speed ovens.

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Depends on the turkey. A young turkey or turkey breast would fit.

And PP said they don't even cook one.

One can also get an infrared broiler for that once a year turkey and keep it in the pantry instead of using up valuable cabinet space. Much cheaper too.

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I use an Advantium as my 2nd oven. As mentioned previously, it can serve as a regular microwave as well as many other functions. I don't need 2 ovens very often, but when I do, the Advantium fits the bill. And for most days, I need a microwave [as I suspect most all of America does], and for those occaisions the Advantium meets my needs as well. When it comes to cooking a turkey, I use my regular oven.

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